About Us

KWKW 1330 is an online news publication that delivers the latest international business news to a wide audience. We provide comprehensive information centered on the business, political and economical sectors around the world.
KWKW1330 aims to provide the people with extensive information, authentic news and unbiased opinions regarding the state of business and economical affairs of the world.

Our online services include a vast resource for comprehensive news content revolving around the local and international businesses, rising business empires, financial stability, emerging economies and the monitoring of the economical growth of well-developed and developing countries.

Our line of professionals is highly competent and fully equipped in delivering the best service to the people. They are very qualified in publishing and broadcasting authentic news and information. All of them are dedicated in producing and sharing high quality content to the viewers.

All the content that KWKW 1330 covers goes through in-depth analysis and research. We provide unbiased opinions and analysis on economical issues around the web and around the world. KWKW 1330 values honesty and integrity above all else. We believe that information is meant to be shared and spread throughout the world.

KWKW 1330 is owned by a radio broadcasting station of a similar name and they had been in existence for a number of decades now. In the beginning, they used to broadcast only local music but have now shifted into sports broadcasting, partnering itself with a known sports enterprise.

The partnership with the known sports company had stemmed out different sports programs in the radio station. They had broadcasted different events in basketball, baseball and even football. They were also the home of well-known baseball team, becoming their flagship station. The radio station had also broadcasted internationally known prestigious football events. From time to time, they fondly still air local music.

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