Halal Food To Be Introduced In Thailand To Attract Tourists From The Emirates

An event was recently held in Dusit Thai Hotel Dubai entitled Gastronomic Journey to Thailand which was attended by over 50 media personalities including bloggers, models and social media influencers who came from different parts of UAE.

The goal of the event is to give emphasis to the culinary culture of Thailand as well as what the country has to offer when it comes to halal-friendly foods. It showcased that there are a lot the country has to offer to families and young travellers who are planning to visit the country and stay at a boutique hotel in Hua Hin in order for them to experience the gastronomic experience that Thailand boasts of. The event was targeting to catch the attention of the GCC or Gulf Co-operation Council as well as the travellers living in the Middle East.

Food in Thailand is popular all over the globe because of the combination of spices that offer rich flavour. Thais are also known for their unique style when it comes to cooking and many of them are still employing traditional processes that have been used for centuries when it comes to preserving food. The locals are using exotic spices mixed with herbs in order for their food to have better flavour and to make it healthier.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai and Middle East office’s newly hired director, PichayaSaisaengchan, said that Thailand is the top tourist destination of the people from the Middle East because it is flexible to every type of traveller – be it young travellers, couples going on a honeymoon or families in vacation with kids. It is also best for those who are looking for golf, sports destination, medical retreat as well as wellness packages. Consumers are more aware than ever regarding Thai food and the cuisine is now widely recognized. The event was able to highlight the top 7 dishes that have been chosen by the CNN Travel readers as the best among the Thai cuisine they have tried.

TAT also aims to encourage more Muslim travellers to visit Thailand and stay at a boutique hotel in Hua Hin thus they introduced a mobile app which they can use in order to locate restaurants and hotels that offer halal foods, mosques as well as halal tours available.

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