GGI Introduces New, Complete Shower Enclosure Solution

For homeowners that are fussing over their bathroom remodelling because of shower screen price, General Glass International has just announced a new service for its customers, that’ll help deal with customers’ shower enclosure issues.

The GGI has just recently introduced a single-source-solution for shower enclosures, which will not only help contractors and installers provide quality to their customers, but also give customers more convenience in their handlings. The solution is an encompassing, step-by-step process tackling the fabrication of frameless shower doors, screens and enclosures, which will provide the customer with a professional to handle the measurements and design, with additional delivery being packaged in, ensuring the customer greater convenience and a riskless installation process.

The service will now allow contractors and installers alike to call upon GGI not only for purchasing high quality glass, but also to handle the design process and cover the hardware of the shower enclosure, including handles, hinges, clips, etc. On top of selecting from GGI’s extensive selection of glass textures, both standard and GGI-exclusive for shower enclosures, doors and screens, with options including etched, clear, 3/4″ thick heavy, and low iron, even digitally printed glass.

When this new service is taken up by a customer, GGI will handle the design process, wherein the plans will be created by the company, evaluated for approval, and then fabricated, alongside any hardware necessary for proper installation. The encompassing service allows customers to focus on the important details, like shower screen price, and saving them the hassle and cost of ordering the glass and hardware separately from different vendors, which saves time, removes the need of keeping up with multiple orders, and generally simplifying the process for everyone involved. For even more convenience, the ordered glass and hardware are all delivered in one package.

GGI’s VP of Fabrication, John Bush, has expressed the company’s outlook on the comprehensive new service, stating that it will allow them to make handling every job simpler, saving contractors and customer’s time and effort, and eliminating the risk of having to deal with multiple vendors, all on top of providing the same, high-quality selection of glass.

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