Dynamics CRM Gains Real-Time Communication Software

The Salesforce Service Cloud, a CRM Consultant company, has had its SOS providing omnichannel support for their partners. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s agents, Live Assist has recently been made available, which will allow CRM agents to communicate with customers at real-time.

Live Assist for Dynamics CRM, is a CRM tool for Dynamics 365 agents, which allows them to communicate to customers in real-time via mobile and the internet, with options for chat, co-browsing, voice calls and video chats, which will allow these agents to tend to customers’ needs without having to move away from their service desk console. The software was announced sometime in October of 2016, and is the product of a tech partnership between Microsoft and CafeX Communications, which gives it CafeX Live Assist integration.

The software was only recently released and made publically available last March, and is available for a free 30-day trial across the globe. The software was initially released across North America and Europe, with Asia and other regions only having it available near the end of the same month.

Sajeel Hussain, CafeX’s CMO, has stated, that real-time communication is a major part of any company looking for customer engagement solutions, which has become table stakes for some companies, and a key aspect in any CRM operations: no CRM Consultant denies the usefulness of being able to communicate with customers real-time.

The technology used for Live Assist is, in fact, not a recent development, but, has been well-tested and positively received by the public in the past. Last 2014, it had already earned CafeX the year’s Best Enterprise Connect Award.

Microsoft worked alongside CafeX to ensure that the Dynamics CRM and Live Assist have tight integration, ensuring that both platforms remain in sync. Hussain gave an example in one of his statements, saying that, if an agent is added or deleted in Dynamics, the changes made there will automatically be registered in Live Assist. Both Live Assist and Dynamics CRM are located in the Azure Cloud, and instances of Live Assist can be distributed by IT departments to their agents on the fly with the use of Office 365.

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Safety Achievement Awarded To Meritool

Meritool LLC was recently recognized because of its achievement which is being accepted into the SHARP or Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program. SHARP is a program that gives companies the formal recognition whenever they comply with maintaining their safety and health programs which is known to be highly effective in the country. The company is based in Salamanca which is in 4496 Route 353. Meritool is a known manufacturer of customized hand and power tools.

The certification was made possible because of the three major efforts involved including the Department of Labour of the state, Safety Compliance Inc and Meritool itself. The certification was completed with the efforts of the industrial hygienist Joe Budzich and safety consultant to the state’s Department of Labour, Paul Songin.

According to the president and chief executive officer of Meritool, Timm Herman, they are able to produce quality products because of the current work environment which is safe and healthy. The company is proud in receiving the certification from SHARP. Meritool considers it as a very important milestone to have received such award.

The founding of the company dates back in 1948 and ever since it has been specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing of hand and power tools that are all customized especially for clients. Starting 1993, they have been servicing customers that are located in Asia, North America and Europe. Back in 2003, the company introduced to the world the first ever battery dispensing tool with two components. Meritool currently holds eight patents for pneumatic dispensing innovation and cordless battery as well as other patents that are still on pending status.

In order to be included in the SHARP program, the company must maintain a rate of injury that is OSHA accepted or is lower than the industry average of the company. Another prerequisite is to conduct a comprehensive inspection in safety and health facility of the company as well as correcting any problems that may be detected during these inspections in order to be accepted into the program. If you want your company in New Zealand to be awarded with the same honour, contact a health & safety specialist in New Zealand.

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Increasing Demand For International Handmade Carpets


Domotex Asia/China Floor is considered as the leading flooring trade exhibition in Asia Pacific and the second largest flooring exhibition in the world. The target of the exhibit is emerging Asian markets. The exhibit is getting more international exposure with the substantial increase in participation from various countries. The exhibition space as of September was 13.3% larger compared to the space that was booked for the same time last year.

Overall perception on handmade carpets

If carpets are handmade, they are generally perceived to be expensive, artistic and luxurious. Carpets are now being considered as an important element of interior decoration not just covering for the floor. Because of the improvements in China’s economy, the wealth and quality of life of the Chinese have increased rapidly. As a result, the demand for luxury products also increased to enhance the aesthetics of residential buildings and interiors.

Chinese customers are the biggest spenders when it comes to luxury products particularly those that come from abroad. This has increased the demand for internationally manufactured carpets. Carpet producers that used to sell their products to retailers or interior decorators have to satisfy a bigger international market. Interior decorators are also more focused on outsourcing high end products to meet the demands of their wealthy customers.

While the focus of the exhibit is handmade and high end carpets, it is also dedicated to other flooring products like ceramic tiles and Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) outdoor decking. For the first time in the exhibition, manufacturers of these flooring products are given special areas for display. The carpet sector occupies the biggest space in the exhibit to accommodate handmade carpet manufacturers from Afghanistan, India, Iran, Nepal and Pakistan. Bangladesh is also joining the exhibit for its carpet raw materials that is mainly jute.

If the carpet is handmade and luxurious, it requires professional carpet cleaning to ensure that it retains its original beauty. To ensure quality and excellent carpet cleaning, your best option is carpet cleaning Perth that will provide you the best value from your investment. Fully trained technicians take great pride with work and will leave your carpet looking like new.


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Why Drug Abuse Is A Significant Problem Of The US Economy


Drug abuse and addiction to heroin, morphine and painkillers has become a significant problem of the economy, health and social environment of the world. In the United States alone, it is believed that there are about 2.1 million individuals who are dealing with drug abuse. The consequences are certainly frustrating because the number of unintentional drug overdose has more than quadrupled since 1999.

Deaths from painkiller and heroin overdose are more than the deaths in traffic accidents. The number of deaths due to overdose in 2014 was 28,000, the highest number ever recorded by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Half of the deaths were due to painkillers so that doctors are urged to be more careful when prescribing opiods and pain relievers.

In an effort to fight the use and abuse of heroin and opiods, funds for treatment were increased by the Federal Government. They also put more importance in the promotion of education and awareness regarding the drug problem of society. President Obama has pledged to educate Americans and to increase their awareness on substance abuse and addiction. States are using the proclamation of the president to introduce activities that will reduce the number of deaths from drug abuse, an epidemic that has devastated families. States are hopeful that the announcement of the president will improve access to information, treatment and recovery.

What states consider to be the potential culprit in drug overdose is fentanyl, a pain reliever that is similar to morphine. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. In New Mexico, at least 90% of 540 overdose deaths are attributed to heroin and prescription painkillers in 2014. This is the second to the highest record of overdose-related deaths after West Virginia. The statistics of opiod-related deaths will hopefully be reduced through education and prevention.

Patients have written about their positive experiences from Passages Malibu. People who have gone to the drug treatment and rehabilitation center have actually stayed clean and drug free. Patients have managed to achieve early recovery because the staff of Passages is compassionate and inspiring in making patients change for the better.


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Debate Over English Language Classes In Iran

Debate Over English Language Classes In Iran

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, gave a speech last May 2 to the Iranian teachers and expressed how the system used by the United States, Israel as well as many other hostile countries is internationally hegemonic. According to him, the design of such system will shift the culture of the youth in Iran and it will neither be indigenous nor Islamic. He used the continued promotion of the English language in many Iranian schools as an example.

The leader expressed that he knows that all high school students are required to take English language classes but he also learned that some of the students in Kindergarten level are already learning English. Khamenei said that he does not oppose learning another foreign language but he is not supportive of promoting a foreign tongue to people who are younger such as the children and adolescents.

President Hassan Rouhani has made it clear that he is engaging in more dealings with the West in order to help the declining economy of the country thus he responded to Khamenei’s speech regarding the English language classes.

Rouhani opened up about the comments made by the Supreme Leader during the Supreme Cultural Council and he countered it by asking the question: Why are European students required to learn two other foreign languages and in this case Iran is one step behind. He also expressed that offering foreign language classes to the youth will open more opportunities for them and make them be aware of another world with more advanced science and more information and knowledge.

The President make use of India as an example since it is able to gain more economic advantage because it has taken up a second language. According to him, India is a country with 2 billion people but they have been rising in the field of Information Technology because students are familiar with the English language. Rouhani placed emphasis on learning a language that will help the youth get jobs in the future and also improve the economic situation of the county. Thus more English teachers are being hired since they get paid to teach English abroad.


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