4 Keys To Successful Indoor Team Building Activities

According to the study conducted by the University of Central Florida, an organization can benefit a lot out of conducting team building activities. Because of this, businesses and companies make it a point to allocate budget for rest and recreation, sometimes in a form of company outings, parties or team building activities. These activities are forms of incentives and a show of appreciation by the company to their employees. Some of the indoor team building activities are also conducted to encourage higher productivity among team members and also to boost team spirit within the organization.

If you are planning to have a team building activity, here are some things that you might want to keep in minds:

Choose a suitable venue

One of the secrets to a successful team building activity is the venue. Factor in the number of team members who will participate in the activity to ensure that your chosen venue can accommodate everyone. Remember that indoor team building activities usually involve games that may require moving around so choose a venue with extra space.

Choose the right date and time

Even if your team building is guaranteed to be fun and productive, you still don’t want to take up your employee’s personal time. Thus, have the activity during office hours and preferably on a weekday. Having the event on a Friday is also suitable since it is already the last working day of the week and is usually a slow time for the company.

Provide expectations

Before you get on with the activity, it is important that everyone understands the objective and the end goal of the event.The goals of the activity should be presented to the group for them to be aware of the rationale behind the activity. Aside from goal setting, it is also important to draw out the expectations of the participants.

Get participants feedback

After having your indoor team building activities, ask your participants to provide their feedback about the activity including their takeaways or lessons from the event. This will guide the organization in developing organizational approaches. Hire expert facilitators to ensure quality outputs.

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Greenery Calls To Buyers In Ploenchit-Chidlom

Central Bangkok’s Ploenchit-Chidlom area has recently become the hotspot for the buyers looking for a luxury lifestyle and a greener style of architecture. The district has seen an increase of high-end green buildings, with new condos, offices and hotel in Ploenchit featuring more environmentally-conscious design aspects popping up in the area; completed/to be completed this year, or the within the next two or three years.

According to a survey done by local news outlets, green projects in the area have received over Bt 100 billion since 2013, which has altered the area and made it into the Thai capital’s hub of high-end green architecture and living, with a considerable number of the new developments in the area having been designed  with the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) concept in mind, and also having certification from the US Green Building Council.

An example is the 98 Wireless luxury condo by Sansiri, which was designed under the LEED Silver certificate, the first condo in Thailand that has attempted to receive such certification.

The Ploenchit-Chidlom area, however, has also recorded the highest land prices in Bangkok, with a deal in 2015 clocking in the area’s highest land price: the sale of a Chidlom plot to SC Asset Corp, which was priced at Bt1.9M/wah2. The plot is now home to a Bt8B luxury condo development, the 28 Chidlom, scheduled for completion sometime during 2019.

However, the bidding for a new project in the area looks set to beat that record. The bidding is not for a hotel in Ploenchit, but for the land of the UK Embassy in the area, currently sitting on Wireless Road, with pricing estimates clocking in at Bt2M/wah2 at minimum. According to Collier International Thailand, the property agency in charge of the plot, there will be announcements on the final deal as soon as the terms are agreed to.

Another major development in the area include the Langsuan Village, priced at about Bt26 B, made up of condos, serviced apartments, retail outlets and hotels.  This development also hosts three condo development projects in the same location, the Sindhorn Residence, Park View Residences and Park View Ton Son. The location also holds the Central Embassy mall, and the Central Park Hyatt Hotel, among other luxury projects and buildings.

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Halal Food To Be Introduced In Thailand To Attract Tourists From The Emirates

An event was recently held in Dusit Thai Hotel Dubai entitled Gastronomic Journey to Thailand which was attended by over 50 media personalities including bloggers, models and social media influencers who came from different parts of UAE.

The goal of the event is to give emphasis to the culinary culture of Thailand as well as what the country has to offer when it comes to halal-friendly foods. It showcased that there are a lot the country has to offer to families and young travellers who are planning to visit the country and stay at a boutique hotel in Hua Hin in order for them to experience the gastronomic experience that Thailand boasts of. The event was targeting to catch the attention of the GCC or Gulf Co-operation Council as well as the travellers living in the Middle East.

Food in Thailand is popular all over the globe because of the combination of spices that offer rich flavour. Thais are also known for their unique style when it comes to cooking and many of them are still employing traditional processes that have been used for centuries when it comes to preserving food. The locals are using exotic spices mixed with herbs in order for their food to have better flavour and to make it healthier.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai and Middle East office’s newly hired director, PichayaSaisaengchan, said that Thailand is the top tourist destination of the people from the Middle East because it is flexible to every type of traveller – be it young travellers, couples going on a honeymoon or families in vacation with kids. It is also best for those who are looking for golf, sports destination, medical retreat as well as wellness packages. Consumers are more aware than ever regarding Thai food and the cuisine is now widely recognized. The event was able to highlight the top 7 dishes that have been chosen by the CNN Travel readers as the best among the Thai cuisine they have tried.

TAT also aims to encourage more Muslim travellers to visit Thailand and stay at a boutique hotel in Hua Hin thus they introduced a mobile app which they can use in order to locate restaurants and hotels that offer halal foods, mosques as well as halal tours available.

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Thailand’s Airport Expansion To Keep Pace With Tourism Growth

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia because of the ideal combination of modern lifestyle and fascinating history. Thailand has more than its share of beautiful sceneries, temples, beautiful palaces, beach resorts and idyllic villages where travellers can experience holistic living for relaxation and rejuvenation. Accommodations range from suites to budget rooms with comfortable furnishings.

However, even with the popularity of Thailand as a tourism nation, the growing number of tourist arrivals at the airport poses a serious problem for the state-run Airports of Thailand. The airports have to expand their capacity otherwise; they cannot keep pace with tourism growth. This year, the Airports of Thailand’s shares have climbed by 18% to exceed the benchmark SET index’ 3% advance.

The Airports of Thailand stands to benefit from the growth in tourism but it will take some time for the company to tap into the opportunities until an expanded infrastructure is in place. According to AmnartNgosawang, an analyst at KTB Securities in Bangkok, the current price of the shares of the state-run airports offers a very limited upside for investors. The fundamentals are quite strong but valuation is now expensive.

The goal of Suvarnabhumi Airport is to double its present capacity to 90 million passengers within 5 years. Singapore’s Changi Airport has a capacity of 60 million annually while the Capital International Airport of Beijing can handle 90 million passengers per year. If an extra concourse or satellite terminal at Suvarnabhumi is built, it can increase the airport’s capacity to 60 million and catch up with present demand.

If the airport’s capacity is doubled, it can handle more passengers than it was designed for particularly foreign tourists that are responsible for the bulk of the airport’s income.  Expanding the airport is very important to Thailand because tourism accounts for 18% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Meanwhile, you can still enjoy the beauty of Thailand and relax in a luxurious and comfortable room at suite accommodation in Pattaya. Your accommodation allows you easy access to downtown shopping, nightlife and entertainment. The beach is also close by so that you can enjoy unlimited sand and sun.

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Tourism Ala Britney Spears: Good For A Discount Hotel In Bangkok

If you think inviting international tourists to visit your country is as simple as inviting your friends to attend your birthday party or your wedding, you are dead wrong. Here’s the thing, tourism is a big industry to begin with and it doesn’t make sure that tourists will get their message loud and clear. Tourism service providers are working round the clock to find unique ways not only to make sure that tourists will come over to the country but also, they will return on many occasions and that’s a proof that they love visiting the country. They enjoy the food. They enjoy the nightlife at the bars. They even manage to get a good discount hotel in Bangkok if they are visiting Thailand’s capital city. Tourism is a very busy industry and working in the tourism industry is considerably stressful to majority of the service providers working in the industry itself.


In a recent interview with Bangkok Post, famous celebrity Britney Spears commented that she hasn’t been to Thailand or any Asian country for that matter in very long time and she said during the interview that she would be happy to visit Thailand not just do a major concert but also top enjoy the beautiful tourist destinations of the country. Britney Spears also added that she would be more willing to do a collaboration with fellow artist, Beyoncé. Now, with the looming possibility of a Bangkok concert by Britney Spears as part of the singer’s Asian Tour, tourism officials are now taking full advantage of that possibility, promoting the chance to see Britney Spears perform in Thailand as part of their marketing plans to furthermore improve the already improving tourism industry of Thailand.  Imagine this: if Britney Spear is to include a visit to Thailand as part of her inter-nation concert tour, tens of thousands of her fans will waste no time and flock to Thailand as quickly as possible and they will take advantage of every available discount hotel in Bangkok. Concerts and other related activities by famous celebrities such as Britney Spears and Beyoncé can be used indirectly as a marketing strategy to lure both local and international tourists into your country.


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3 In Booking The Perfect Koh Samui Villa

Thailand is popularly known all over the world for its breath taking beaches of white sand and clear, pristine waters. If you want a memorable beach experience, you can easily have it by choosing a Koh Samui villa along the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. With a few search on the internet, you can easily find numerous hotels and beachfront villas that would cater to your beach fancy. Visit the website gallery to get an idea what the resort offers to its guests. Apart from that, you will also find hotel deals and promos at the hotel’s website. If you want to ensure a memorable holiday experience, take a look at these points when choosing a beachfront villa in Koh Samui.

Read hotel reviews

Search a number of potential hotels and villas in KohSamui then come up with a shortlist of viable hotels where you can stay at. A list of 3 to 5 hotels is already a safe number of hotels to choose from. Before coming up with a decision, read customer reviews and hotel ratings to get an idea what other customers are saying about the KohSamui villa. There are customer testimonials found on the beach resort’s website or you can also visit third party sites that specifically provide reviews, ratings and feedback from customers and recognized tourism bodies.

Opt for a multi-awarded beach resort

Another way to determine a reliable beach resort is by looking at its website and look for any recognition or awards provided by reputable award-giving bodies in Thailand or any other area of your choice. One of the most sought-after awards in the tourism and hotel industry is the Certificate of Excellence awarded by TripAdvisor to certain hotels of excellent standing and businesses that are among the top-performing 10% in the industry. The recognition is based on the ratings provided by customers for the resort’s hospitality and service.

Ask for recommendations

If you have friends who recently travelled to Thailand and stayed at a Koh Samui villa, ask for first-hand feedback. It is important to have unbiased feedback when you need to decide on matters that involve money.

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Pune Station Showcase Airport Board Signs

The administration of the Pune railway in collaboration with the students and faculty members of the MIT Institute of Design has developed the latest signage board system that is based on scientific studies. The same signage boards can be seen displayed at the airport. The signage will aid passengers in directing them around the railway station in Pune because it is known to cover a large area. The board system will also help the passengers in keeping track with the schedule of the trains operating in the station. The boards will feature three different languages including Marathi, Hindi and English. It is expected that within this month the board system will have been installed already all over the station.

According to the DRM or division railway manager of Pune, BK Dadabhoy, these signage board system was created to offer a station that is passenger friendly. Through this new signage, every passenger will be able to easily locate where they are going. The same signage system can be seen at the airport which has served the passengers in a good way. He added that the project will cost about Rs 20 lakh to be completed and it will take one month in order for the entire board system to be installed all over Pune railway station.

The director of the institute, Professor Dhimant Panchal, is the one responsible for heading the said project. He said that the signage system was developed with the people as their focus since its main role is to assist the passengers. While designing the system, a number of scenarios were considered whether the person is a passenger, dropping someone off or waiting to pick up someone.

Panchal worked with a number of people for the project including RajendraThakre, assistant professor and two postgraduate students of the graphic design course, NilanjanChakrawarthy and AkhilKomath. The developers said that some of the signage boards will have a backlit while others such as those to be installed in the platforms will be normal ones. This new generation of signage boards is also commonly seen as office signs in Sydney along with the traditional wall decals people are still used to seeing.

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Tourism And Increased Government Spending To Stimulate Thailand’s Economy

The weak demand for Thailand’s exports was offset by increased government spending on road and rail projects. At the same time, the central bank also kept its key interest rates unchanged to allow time for the government’s fiscal spending to kick start growth. Investor confidence was further boosted by the peaceful completion of a national vote on the constitution last August 7. After the series of bombing attacks on the southern provinces of Thailand, the military has made security as its top priority.

Tourism has returned on the affected areas because the bombing are a one-time event that will soon disappear. Besides that the people have faith on the government that it can keep the situation under control. Bombings are no longer a risk factor for the second half of the year. Tourism and government spending are likely to be the key drivers for the second half of the year particularly since economic forecasts raised the estimate for tourist arrivals to about 33.5 million for the year as compared to the previous estimates of 33 million.

The baht has gained 0.2% to 34.712 against the US Dollar. According to the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) the GDP or gross domestic product has expanded by 3.5% in the last three months through June from a year earlier. The numbers are close to the 3.3% estimate of Bloomberg News survey of 22 analysts. In fact, GDP grew by 0.8% from the previous three months as compared to the 0.5% median estimate.

The Prime Minister has issued a series of economic stimulus measures worth more than $18 billion since last September to support local demand. The NESDB expects that the government will further disburse 110.5 billion baht in the form of stimulus funds in addition to the 217 billion baht in the first six months of the year so that the economy can recover.

However, in spite of the economic problems, the real estate industry of Thailand remains strong. Tourist arrivals continue to increase with investors looking at different housing options. Pattaya condo for sale is easily available due to number of condominium developments in the coastal region.

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A Walk In 1875 St. Louis – A Step Back In Time


If you are interested on how life was in St. Louis in the 1800’s, you can find out by exploring the new 6,000 square foot exhibit “A Walk in 1875 St. Louis”. This exhibit is based on the illustrated maps that were made in 1874 by the team of Richard Compton and Camille Dry. The bird’s eye view map spans eight feet in height by 24 feet in length and shows how both the wealthy and the working class lived. What is so amazing about the map illustration is its accuracy that can be considered a historical record on how the people lived in St. Louis. Every single home, building, street including every tree was in accurate perspective.

Little is known about Camille Dry except that he was from Paris and had drawn landscapes of the United States during the Civil War. About 12 illustrative maps have been made before Dry went to St. Louis. Richard Compton was the publisher of the map illustrations which resulted into an 11 by 17 inch book that cost so much to produce that the publisher had to charge $25 – that is $500 today.

What does the exhibit feature? The three most popular places to visit are the city jail, insane asylum and the morgue. Based on the bird’s eye view city map, water then was not very clean which leads people into thinking what it tastes like. There were separate illustrated maps for individual neighborhoods like the map of Tower Grove Park with intricate drawings of each of the pavilions that still stand today.

The exhibit A Walk in 1875 St. Louis had the map art blown up to scale that has never been done before so that visitors can walk through St. Louis lavish opulence and crowded tenements. The reference materials were all in black and white and they have to figure out how to bring it to life with color. Artist Dan Zettwoch worked with exhibit architects so that graphics can fit perfectly on the walls including doorways. What started as small became 10 times more than its original size and printed on canvas wallpaper-like material for installation.

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