Businesses InBulleen Industrial Estate Fight Relocation

Some businesses decide to move to a new location because the market tells them that it is right time. Sometimes, even if the business wants to stay, the rent has become too much for them. A new space can be exciting because it provides the opportunity to create a new environment for the workplace. To minimize the strain of moving, allow furniture removalist in Sydney to help you and your team.

On the other hand, notice of relocation can be frustrating for some businesses. In Kim Close and Greenaway Street, more than 130 businesses received notice that they have to relocate to make way for the construction of a new road. About 1,000 workers in the Bulleen industrial estate may lose their jobs.

The Bulleen industrial estate off Manning Road might have to be bulldozed because Option A was chosen as the State Government’s preferred corridor. The affected business owners have formed a committee to fight against the forced relocation because it will result into the collapse of their businesses.

There is so much uncertainty about the future because local workers will face longer commutes to work. According to David Monk, owner of Swans Plastic in Kim Close, the Bulleen industrial estate was like a community with diverse enterprises. There are businesses offering gardening services and car repair as well as a food manufacturer and food distributor. Because of the new road, businesses have to be relocated outside Manningham. It is doubtful whether customers will be willing and able to travel further in order to access their services.

According to CEO Duncan Elliot, a working group will meet after the New Year to discuss the impact on businesses and to provide support when required. More detailed planning needs to be undertaken for the specific land acquisition before road construction begins in 2020.

Relocating a business can be exasperating and exciting at the same time. To ensure that relocation will be will be as smooth and stress-free as possible, it is important to seek the help of furniture removalist in Sydney that will guarantee the best service for a reasonable price. All the furniture and equipment will be efficiently organized and packed properly.


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How To Hire A Marketing Consultant

If you want to elevate your brand or business the effective and professional way, hire a marketing consultant who will help you along the way. Although you have your own ideas, effective marketing is achieved through educational background, training, experience in the field and actual conduct of marketing campaigns. In order not to waste your time and resources, hire the experts to help realize your marketing goals. To start with, you can do the following steps:

Search for a marketing expert

There are many ways to find a credible marketing expert. You can start your search on the internet or you can also ask your friends in the industry if they can refer a marketing consultant for your branding needs. There are a lot of marketing firms that you can find but choose one that has positive feedback from its clients and with a long list of successful campaigns that they spearheaded.

Come up with a shortlist

With a good search from different sources, you will surely find a lot of marketing consultants and choosing one can be daunting. To minimize the confusion, come up with a shortlist of at three to five branding consultants and focus your attention on the shortlist. Check the potential candidates’ educational background, marketing experience, successful branding efforts, the credibility of the agency he belongs with if any and other similar factors.

Conduct an interview

Narrow down your options further to a maximum of three and set up an interview for the prospects. Notice how timely they arrive at your office and how well-dressed they are for the meeting. Pay attention to how eloquent the prospect is and how ingenious the proposed strategies are of the consultant. Ask relevant questions to determine how the consultant intends to carry out his proposed marketing solution.


Lastly, by looking at all the factors, decide on which of the experts you are going to hire. Choose a marketing consultant who can work on a budget and is not afraid to try new approaches just to popularize your brand and take your products or services closer to your targets.

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A Court Hearing After Receiving Corrupt Payment From Pest Control In Sydney

Kylie Vernon, a senior public servant, informed a Sydney court that she was paid a total of $30,000 in cash at the at the Observer Hotel, Paradiso Café in The Rocks, and at her office.

Ms. Vernon is for hiring cleaning and pest control in Sydney for the Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and The Rocks. She made a daring confession when she stood up on Tuesday at the NSW Supreme Court, as revealed by Fairfax Media.

One of the contracts that concerned them the most was a $5-million per year cleaning contract granted to Arcadia Pacific Group to operate at the Darling Harbour. They also admitted that Ms. Vernon had allowed payments from many gardening companies but only two were able to work.

Ms. Vernon claimed receiving $30,000 in corrupt payments from Amazon Pest Control owner Ted Lakis. She added that Arcadia Pacific Group operated by Mr. Lakis’s father-in-law Steve Tassis, gave her $200,000 for quite some time.

Both companies had been requested to show up on why their eligibility to government approved suppliers should not be revoked.

Last Thursday, Acting Justice Peter Young announced his judgment on the civil dispute between Michael Lardis and Mr. Lakis. Each of them are incriminated for financial misconduct in their pest control in Sydney company, Amazon Pest Control.

Last 2015, Ms. Vernon made a sworn statement on behalf of Mr. Lardis. The proof, which was received by the judge, was that on one occasion when Mr. Lardis went to the toilet, his business partner Mr. Lakis gave her an envelope containing $10,000. There was no evidence on the other dates when the total amount of $30,000 was given.

However, in her written proof, Ms. Vernon said the contracts were already awarded before possible corrupt payments were made.

Though there were sworn statements claiming her corruption nearly a year ago, it seems like Ms. Vernon informed no one at the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

An investigation to the bribery allegations and relevant SHFA contracts is ongoing and Ms. Vernon has been penalized while a review is under its way. The alleged hiring of pest control in Sydney has been questioned.

However, Ms. Vernon,as of this time, was hard to reach.

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Salim Mehajer, An Owner Of Wedding Planner In Sydney Company Has Been Banned For Three Years

Salim Mehajer, Australia’s most renowned deputy mayor, has notably established his own wedding planner in Sydney company. Though he may have lost a multi-million property empire due to notorious nuptials, he is banned for three years from directing companies, the dismissal of the whole Sydney council, and terminated with AVO and divorce in under a year.

Although ASIC has banned him from directing corporations, he has initiated two new companies, the strata management company On Call Strata NSW and the Mehajer Wedding &Event Planning.

Mr. Mehajer yesterday posted an Instagram picture of “Constancesia”, a woman in low-cut shirt believed to be the “new face of the business”, which is actually operating.

He also posted his logo of the wedding planner in Sydney company – with image of a golden crown to promote his interests of the failing property development. He claims the company has been in over a year in the making.

He wrote, “We promise a high quality service or we return your money back.”

While Mr. Mehajer’s wedding attracts obvious luxury – he owns a jet flyover, four helicopters, several motorbikes and around $50-million worth of supercars – he claims that his newly installed company will work with a budget.

Mr. Mehajer is banned for three years from managing companies as ASIC found out that he missed commercial morality. The banning is related to his lack of reasonably expectation as a director and should protect the public’s interest from his incompetence.

The order stops people from being directors of their companies, although there is no law stopping them from owning one.

Mr. Mehajer owns 100% of Mehajer Wedding and Event Planning, with its wedding planner in Sydney, but the acting secretary and director of the company is Ahmed Jaghbir of Sydney’s Lidcombe.

He is also 100% owner of On Call Strata NSW, with sole secretary and director Mohomed Abbas of Bass Hill in Western Sydney.

It’s possible for ASIC to take appropriate action even though there are no laws stopping banned directors from owning corporations. It can influence the company management even if the owner isn’t the director of the company.


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Recorded Increase In Colorado’s Per Capita Income

In a recent update from the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, the economy of Colorado is on its way to the middle of the gauge. This is right after recovering from a recession that occurred in 2009. The state has seen an increase in the personal income in Colorado which prompts the state to encourage anyone illegible to accomplish a Colorado online form in order to start applying for their tax ID.

Last year, the bureau measured a 3.6 per cent increase in the personal incomes in Colorado but they have acquired specific data as of late. It shows that in 2015, the personal incomes in the state was only $277.7 billion while in 2016 it has hiked up to $288.4. There was a miscalculation in the gain since an initial report said that they have a 5.1 increase in 2015. Colorado takes the seventh spot when it comes to the highest personal income gains for 2017 but last year they only placed 15th.

The slow growth last year gave Utah a chance to gain ahead of the competition as these two states are known to be rivals in the economic level. For 2016, the state of Utah recorded a strong increase in personal incomes reaching 5.1 per cent and it took the second spot while Nevada is the leading state with 5.9 per cent. For 2016, the top three to five states in the personal income gains were Florida, Washington and followed by Georgia.

Majority of the contributions in the personal income is accounted to employment but it also take into account the incomes of sole proprietor, dividends and interest, payments to the government including Social Security, and rents and royalties. The farmers belong in the sole proprietor incomes and it is not a hidden fact that they have been receiving a lot of pressure in the last two years.

The performance of Colorado was affected by the prices of commodity in the states. They are hopeful to continue growing as more member of the community fill up their Colorado online form in order to get their tax ID which will help the state.

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Aleix Espargaro Of Aprilia Excelled On Phillip Island Moto GP

Aleix Espargaro riding for Aprilia was able to make it ahead of Marc Marquez by a fraction of 0.005 seconds. The result on the practice session for Moto GP held in Phillip Island could make or break them during the actual competition. It was a good session of Espargaro with Aprilia dealers rooting for him to increase their sales.

During the second session which lasted for 45 minutes, the weather was sunny and it was a crucial moment for them as it will determine who will take the Q2 slots. The following day the weather shifted as everyone expected.

The usual time Marques gets for his first practice benchmark rapidly decrease while Espargaro took the top spot for the 10 minute mark which recorded a time of 1 minute 29.225 seconds for him.

It was a remarkable event as it has shown that the early time made by Espargaro during the practice was able to put him in the first spot. Marquez, on the other hand, gave all his best in order to take over the rider for Aprilia but he only took the second spot with a time record of 1 minute 29.307 seconds. He was able to get more time during his final time which occurred before the session ended.

Despite doing his best at 1 minute 29.230 seconds, the rider for Honda only came second after the best lap made by Espargaro. Recorded times showed that he only fell short of 0.005 seconds.

The third spot was taken by Andrea Dovizioso who is also a contender for the title. She was able to protect herself despite the changing weather and she was able to get a record of 1 minute 29.322 seconds.

In the previous year, the winner of the Grand Prix in Australia, Cal Crutchlow was able to get the same at a record of 1 minute 29.329 seconds. The session’s end was only 90 seconds away from his record.

Even though he suffered a crash at high speed, Maverick Vinales was able to steal the fifth spot. With the performance shown by the Aprilia rider, many Aprilia dealers all over the world are expecting a win for this year’s competition.

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St. John With Highest Rat Population According To Pest Exterminator

According to one of the biggest pest control firm in the country has presented which among the cities located in Atlantic Canada has the highest rat population that leads to sever rodent issues. The same issue is currently being faced by Australia thus pest control in Sydney is a booming business.

Orkin Canada, a pest exterminator company based locally started to track the phone calls they have been receiving from customers within Atlantic Canada for the past 12 months. They have determined based on the data they have, that St. John’s is the city with the highest rat population. Second spot was given to Halifax, followed by Saint John. On the fourth and fifth spot are Moncton and Dartmouth. The last two spots were taken by cities Fredericton and Sydney.

According to Sean Rollo who is working for Orkin Canada, majority of the cities included on the top list are also port cities.

Andrew Wheelock, the owner of the business, was not the least bit surprised by the result since he has been watching the trend. He is already considered an expert when it comes to rodent elimination and control of other pests.

Wheelock said that they receive calls everyday regarding rat problems and their schedule is quite full.

After the release of the list of cities with the highest rat problem, Orkin offered to give some tips to homeowners to keep the rodents under control. The company said that you should always look out for rat droppings around the house as well as clues if there are rats existing inside the home. Make sure all the cracks and gaps, if it is bigger than 0.5 centimetre, in the property have been covered. Overgrown plants must also be trimmed.

Orkin also said that it is best to store food and garbage in containers that are covered so as to avoid attracting rats.

If there are no food sources, the rats will not be tempted to invade a property. Garbage should be put out in morning so it will be collected right away. Locals suffering from rat problem in Australia should contact pest control in Sydney to make sure the problem does not get worse.

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The Reasons Why Healthcare IT Services Are Successful

The very reason why there is such a high demand for healthcare IT solutions is that there is also the increase in the desire to lower the healthcare costs. With the lowered costs, quality cannot be compromised though. Healthcare providers wanted to make sure that they will still be able to follow the regulatory requirements that are indicated by government organizations. These requirements are necessary to make sure that the information of the patients will remain confidential, secure and safe in their database.

More and more healthcare providers are adopting HIEs or health information exchanges as well as the HER systems. These are the main reasons why healthcare IT services continues to grow in the global market. Add in the fact that the quality of services provided has improved considerably together with the clinical outcomes.

In the coming years, there will also be a notable increase in demand for an effective management system that will help healthcare insurance providers as they create a comprehensive record that will keep track of claims and the requests for reimbursements. This is a contributing factor to the increase in growth of the IT solutions in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare IT sector has seen considerable growth in the last few years. The larger IT industries are the engine that pushes the former to move forward into advancement. There is already a general outlook as to how the information technology will impact the healthcare industry in the coming years because of the new developments in the sector of IT and because the demands of the healthcare providers and their patients are ever changing.

Though there is noticeable growth in the rule of information technology in the healthcare industry, there are still challenges and competitive landscape that the sector must endure in order to achieve the growth it needs to become a fixed structure in the market of healthcare services. Healthcare providers and patients are hoping to see more healthcare IT solutions that will make life better and comfortable. These are all possible because of the people devoting their lives into furthering technology and discovering more of how it can improve people’s lives.

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4 Keys To Successful Indoor Team Building Activities

According to the study conducted by the University of Central Florida, an organization can benefit a lot out of conducting team building activities. Because of this, businesses and companies make it a point to allocate budget for rest and recreation, sometimes in a form of company outings, parties or team building activities. These activities are forms of incentives and a show of appreciation by the company to their employees. Some of the indoor team building activities are also conducted to encourage higher productivity among team members and also to boost team spirit within the organization.

If you are planning to have a team building activity, here are some things that you might want to keep in minds:

Choose a suitable venue

One of the secrets to a successful team building activity is the venue. Factor in the number of team members who will participate in the activity to ensure that your chosen venue can accommodate everyone. Remember that indoor team building activities usually involve games that may require moving around so choose a venue with extra space.

Choose the right date and time

Even if your team building is guaranteed to be fun and productive, you still don’t want to take up your employee’s personal time. Thus, have the activity during office hours and preferably on a weekday. Having the event on a Friday is also suitable since it is already the last working day of the week and is usually a slow time for the company.

Provide expectations

Before you get on with the activity, it is important that everyone understands the objective and the end goal of the event.The goals of the activity should be presented to the group for them to be aware of the rationale behind the activity. Aside from goal setting, it is also important to draw out the expectations of the participants.

Get participants feedback

After having your indoor team building activities, ask your participants to provide their feedback about the activity including their takeaways or lessons from the event. This will guide the organization in developing organizational approaches. Hire expert facilitators to ensure quality outputs.

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Star Wars Art Awaiting The Unveiling Of The Title Of Han Solo Film

Star Wars that features Han Solo in the film reveals no name yet for its title. However, new logos seem to name the project as codenamed Red Cup up till this date.

The Star Wars project remains to be a secret, so we will just have to await what the Star Wars art will offer.

Even then, few official reports and leaks say the set has started giving fans a concept on how the Han Solo is shaping up its standalone.

The two new logos of items utilized on the set have provided fans a strong suggestion of what the movie will be called.

Both items are wardrobesthat the crew wore which are embellished with the film’s logo.

The illustrative components of the design of the logos are slightly invariable, but the name on it are similar. This can be a strong indication of what Star Wars art will be seen soon.

The two logs my not be original or terribly starting, but it makes sense for the film to boil down one of the franchise’s largest characters to his core.

It is noted that artwork and logos often change all throughout the usual Star Wars filming process, but this may seem like not the name of the project.

Han Solo cuts straight to the point although he is short and just like the man himself.

As carrying out the character’s universal name, he works using every single language in the film.

We even like the low-brow style of mass produced design using his blaster for the ‘L’ in one of the logos, which takes the character’s contorted humour. We just hope to see Star Wars art to show hints of the movie.

As featured in MakingStarWars.Net, the crew T-shirt says: “Star Wars: Han Solo Crew 2017.”

The t-shirt’s back has a catchphrase: “We Shot First.” This may refer to a fan debate on whether Greebo or Han Solo shoot first the movie “Force Awakens Cantina” showdown.

Movie stars for the Han Solo anthology include Alden Ehrenreich as the young Han, with Emilia Clark, Thandie Newton, and Woody Harrelson, with yet untitled roles.

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4 Top Reasons To Create Personalised Word Art

Nowadays when almost everything around you is commercialized and instant, you can remain sentimental and do things the traditional way while utilising the current technology. By creating a Personalised Word Art have it as a gift or home and office decoration, you merge and get the best of both worlds; the contemporary and the traditional.  Here are four reasonswhy creating a personalised word art is an excellent idea.

Unleash your creativity

Because you have the freedom to apply your ideas and put together all the colours, fonts and various elements that would create an astounding output, all in all, you unleash the creative side in you when you create word art. You can test how imaginative you are when it comes to blending colours such as for the background and of the wordings including how you can utilise the different options available in order to derive at an impressive piece of art.

Personalise your gift

Although you can readily buy a gift at your nearest shopping mall, you can make an occasion even more special by giving a gift with a personal touch as a Personalised Word Art that you chose and created. You can put the name of your target recipient or use your favourite line in a movie or poem which will surely delight the receiver.

Easy to create

Another reason why a personalised word art is an excellent choice is that you can easily create it without the hassles. All you have to do is look for a website that generates word art and you can have it printed right away. You can also opt to print the word art in canvas at the wort art generator website of your choice. Within minutes, you can create an artistic project that you can display on your wall.


One of the best reasons why Personalised Word Art is a wise choice for gifting and for personal use is due to the fact that you can have it at a reasonable price or at a less than a hundred dollar amount. The prices will vary depending on the size and design of your word art.

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How To Find An NRL Footy Shop For Your NRL Items

Finding a reputable NRL footy shop that offers high quality products at a reasonable price is like finding an oasis for NRL fans all over Australia and in other parts of the world.  If you are a long time NRL fan, chances are, you have an online or offline shop where you frequently buy your items to support your team. However, if you are looking for another shop or if this is the first time for you to purchase an NRL item, you might want to consider the following ideas on where and how you can find the right supplier.

Ask your friends or network

If you are an NRL fan, you surely must have friends or colleagues who are also into national rugby league. Find out where they purchase NRL wearable or collectible itemsand if they are satisfied with its quality, price and service delivery.Choose a recommended supplier with excellent customer service and knowledgeable sales representatives. They should also be able to deliver your items within acceptable number of day. Aside from your friends, you can also get NRL footy shop information from online discussion boards and review sites.

Offline sports shops

Another way to find items related to NRL is by doing it the traditional way. Visit local sports shop in your area or stalls in your shopping malls. One positive reason for buying offline is that you can actually fit shirts or caps and you can personally peruse the items and see if they fit your quality standards. The only downside with offline shopping is that they can be time consuming and you would have to deal with numerous shoppers especially if you do your shopping during weekends and holidays.

Search for online sites

You can also find a reliable NRL footy shop with high quality items from online sources. Some of the advantages of buying online is that items are cheaper and shopping is more convenient. There are online suppliers that offer free delivery and offers promos and deals to their customers in Australia.

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Choosing A PR Agency

It is important to see the way you present yourself in business. You cannot sell your products well if according to public perception they say negative feedbacks about you. Equally, it is also essential that the service you offer reaches your target audience. Often the best way to ensure accuracy and positive image for the goods that you offer is to employ a PR agency to do it on your behalf.

However, you need to consider few elements before looking for representation:

  • Know the principal objectives for employing a public relation company

You may have plans for an overhaul of your entire media strategy, an adjustment to your strategic communication approach, the integration of present markets, or expansion for new market.

  • Know what benefits you get from using public relations

You need to determine the best match for your media campaign by clarifying whether the campaign is largely business to business PR, consumer PR, corporate PR or financial PR.

  • Know the overall budget of your PR campaign

You need to establish a budget so you can assess the amount of value a PR campaign can potentially add to your business.

Always keep in mind that when choosing a PR agency, you will be joining a relationship that include spending much time together, often at each other’s workplaces, so personal chemistry and a degree of proximityshows importance. All relationships develop good communication, transparency, spending time and effort, and your dealings with these agencies.

As such, it is essential to create ground rules to ensure that no misunderstandings will come up and that the relationship can grow through a sound financial structure outlined by a clear budget that both parties draw up and agree about future performance targets. Once the conditions are met, you can have the most fitting PR agency working for you. But how can you find the perfect partner?

How you can find a list of public relations agencies is through recommendations from colleagues, journalists associated with PR companies, or a third party independently evaluating your needs. You also need to know the specialization of the company in the industry and whether they can make a suitable contact for your target media. You can also see them through advertisements. This simply means that you have ways to find the right PR agency for business.

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Couple Buys Back Home: Hires Furniture Removal In Sydney

Let’s say you’re a couple who has been recently married. Let’s say that you’re a newly-wed husband and is now about to move out from your parents’ house. Moving out is easy. You just pack your things nicely and get out of the house. The real headache comes in when you are in the process of looking for a new home where you will be living with your wife for the rest of your life. Regardless if you’re looking at a condominium unit with a loft or one-bedroom house, looking for the appropriate home for your needs and the limited amount of money that you are willing to spend requires a heavy amount of research works. Now, let’s assume that you’ve already found your future home and it’s bare naked meaning it has nothing inside it. This means you will need to bring your old stuff from your old house and transport them all the way to your new home. While you can do this on your own, it’s recommended that if you’re moving to a new home in Sydney in Down Under Australia, you hire an accredited company who does furniture removal in Sydney to make sure that your furniture sets and other home essentials are properly packed and transported.

Just last March of 2017, it has been reported that couple, Christopher and Kerryn Monaghan, has decided to buy back their Sydney property which they originally sold 7 years ago for an amount of 5.8 million Dollars. This time, they paid 7.1 million Dollars to get their home back. While the reason for this unusual decision to buy back something someone originally sold, you can’t simply argue with the amenities and features that are found in the property of the couple. Aside from the astounding view of the Sydney Harbour, the entire property has an awesome architectural design and an L-shaped swimming pool. It has also large spaces for furniture sets which can be safely transported by hiring a company who specializes in furniture removal in Sydney, and also for keeping your friends and families entertained. The price of the property was said to be at 8 million Dollars back in May of 2016 and it had been ranging between 6.8 million and 7.4 million since then.

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The Result Of Bad Financial Counseling To Families

Hundreds of families in Australia are still waiting for compensations from businesses that have declared bankruptcy which and majority of it is to be blames on receiving bad financial advice. One of the victims is the couple Rob and Donna-Rose McAneney who were mandated to sell their house they have lived in for 17 years and resulted to them being penniless. This incident happened after they received a suspicious advice from Peter Spann who is a financial adviser in Australia under the company Freeman Fox.

They were regularly attending Mr. Spann’s public speaking engagement from the middle of the 2000s until the latter years where he was seen to have engaged with beginners in investing.

Ms. McAneney said that he was a very good sales person that it made them think that they were missing out on a great opportunity if they did not jump on it.

According to the advice given to them, they should invest about $500,000 with Macquarie Bank in order to purchase complicated structured products.

Mr. McAneney said that Peter told them that there is no chance for them to lose money. Tony Wheeler, a management consultant, was also advised to put in as much money as he can afford.

According to Mr. Wheeler, the product was presented by actual representatives from the Macquarie Bank and it was indicated to be safe with a low chance of volatility in either real estate or share market.

As soon as the financial crisis hit the country on a global scale, the safe products were not able to withstand the market and its value collapsed which resulted to a trap for the investors.

Mr. McAneney said that there was a lock in period and it was too late for them to do anything. They are devastated as they have invested everything they have, their resources and funds in order to sustain the products.

Mr. Wheeler said that he lost about $350,000 and he complained with the FOS or Financial Ombudsman Service. Due to the bad advice given by a financial adviser in Australia, FOS determined that he should be compensated with $137,000 but the sad news is that he is still waiting for the compensation along with the McAneneys and other victims.

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Legal Shield Protecting The Public CPAs Of Australia No Longer In Place

The legal conflict wherein the CPA Australia is involved resulted to the unfortunate loss of the protection provided for the members that are public practitioners. These means that for a period of at least six months starting this October, they will no longer have immunity from malpractice lawsuits that ranges up to multimillions of dollars.The legal shield provided by CPA Australia used to act as the accountant professional liability insurance of the public practicing accountants in the country.

According to the Professional Standards Council which is the regulator agency from the government, it has been confirmed that the professional standards program that has been protecting the body by limiting the liability received by the members of the public practice is not up for renewal despite the fact that it is expiring this 7th of October.

This will affect all public practice members that are located in a number of regions including Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. This will result to member paying a higher amount for their professional indemnity insurance and they have a chance of being subjected to unlimited liability due to negligence.

It was last month that the legal conflict was revealed to the public but the CPA has been reassuring that the process is still ongoing with PSC and that they are trying to reach a resolution.

CPA remains firm with this despite the confirmation announced by PSC at the end of last month. According to the announcement, CPAs that are practicing under Victorian public will no longer have a legal shield starting October. CPA continues to affirm their members that their applications are still in active status and that they continue to settle with the PSC regarding the active application.

The PSC clarified that the new program was not created before the expiration of the Professional Standards Scheme expires thus they are not sure when the replacement program will be implemented. They have given a time estimated of a minimum of six months before the new program is given an approval. For the meantime, public practicing members would have to be careful as they will be practicing with no accountant professional liability insurance for the time being until such time that a new scheme is put in place.

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3 Buying Tips For LED Lighting Strips

One of the most popular lighting styles among homes and commercial establishments nowadays are LED lighting strips. LED strip lights are flexible circuit board that can be utilized in almost any surface and can be used for indoors or outdoors applications. If you are thinking about buying led lights for your home or commercial area, here are some buying tips:

Check the quality of the lights

One of the things that you should consider when buying led lighting strips is its quality. There are a lot of led strip lighting manufacturers and suppliers online and even in your local hardware stores but you cannot immediately tell if you would be satisfied with the quality. To ensure that you will get your money’s worth find out if the product has an ISO seal. Ask for safety certificate issued by a reputable registry to ensure that the product is free from lead and other hazardous materials.

Consider your brightness requirements

Before buying a roll of LED lighting strips, consider exactly what your requirements are. There are different brightness scales in lightning strips. You can find strips in the market that are ultra bright while there are those that are made to be dim. There are also LED lighting strips that allow you to adjust its brightness. There are also different colour temperatures in in lighting strips that range from warm to cool. The overall appeal of the light would have something to do with the led lighting strip colour temperature that you have chosen. For instance, a cool white may look different with warm white led light.

Customer service and installation

Before you buy a set of LED lighting strips, always ask if the product comes with warranty. Notice how courteous the company’s customer service representative is because it is an indication on the type of service you will get from the supplier. Another thing to check is if the distributor or manufacturer can assist you with the installation process including their delivery options. Choose a supplier that offers how they can be of service to you.

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Businesses In West Texas Pooled Together To Help Air Force Groom On Wedding Day

We all know how expensive weddings can be. Not everyone has the luxury to spend on their dream wedding. There are many expenses to consider such as the wedding reception and contractors such as party hire in Melbourne. This is why merchants from West Texas decided to do their part by helping a groom who is serving in the Air Force.

The donated wedding was something no one will forget for a long time. There were blue flowers, piano music from the period era of 1940s as well as white linens everywhere. The wedding was held at the Cactus Hotel.

The bride is Sarah Davenport and her groom is Jeffrey Mercado who is currently on active duty. The groom was assigned at the Goodfellow Air Force Base. The couple couldn’t hide how happy they are for their wedding day.

Cactus Hotel is a favorite venue for many couples and they are host to many weddings annually but this one is a special case because the couple did not spend a dime for it.

According to the owner of Happily Ever After which is a local wedding organizer company, Tinker Keeney, they did not spend anything except for personal items such as the toasting glasses and the garter.

Keeney has been trying for years to put together a donated wedding for a military member in their community. It was November of last year when the base told her about Davenport and Mercado.

They have been planning to get married but they just don’t have the budget to do so. Keeney decided to choose them as the recipient for the donated wedding she has been planning because of their love story and the fact that Mercado is serving in the military.

Keeney started by asking for support from business on their local community and she was happy to know that everyone was very excited to be a part of it. The floral arrangements were donated by Southwest Florist, the music from Terry Mikeska and Eclipse Mobile DJ, the catering provided by Village Café owned by Kenny Blanek and the space was courtesy of Cactus Hotel.

The wedding turned out to be something the couple will never forget as well as the community. In Australia, couples who are planning to wed are busy looking for contractors such as party hire in Melbourne as well as the venue for wedding. The Mercado couple is very lucky indeed to have such a beautiful community.

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Next Electric Retains 20% Ownership After Selling Majority Stake To IES Holdings


Next Electric LLC based in Waukesha, Wisconsin has sold majority of its stake to a Houston-based company IES Holdings, Inc. Next Electric employs more than 100 workers majority of which are electricians to provide electrical work, installations, repair and maintenance for healthcare, commercial and other industries.

Last year, the revenue of Next Electric was $25 million. It was founded in 2012 to provide services to both residential and commercial structures. According to company president Chris Surges and other managers, they sold 80% ownership stake to IES Holdings while keeping 20% ownership stake. As of this writing terms of the deal were not announced to the public.

Next Electric will retain its name but it will operate as a subsidiary of IES. Chris and his team will be able to retain a meaningful ownership in Next but the long term investment of IES including its ownership culture will allow them to grow. IES President Robert Lewey welcomed Chris and his team of 100 workers during the press conference as partners of the company.

IES is a holding company that has ownership in several electric contractors. A month ago, one of its subsidiaries within its commercial and mechanical segment, STR Mechanical LLC acquired the remainder to Technical Services II LLC in Virginia to be able to provide mechanical maintenance services that include commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, food service equipment and electric services including plumbing. 80% of the STR Mechanical has already been acquired by IES last April 2016.

Last March, another subsidiary has bought Freeman Enclosure Systems LLC in Cincinnati for an undisclosed amount. According to a December filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, IES was successful in acquiring five subsidiaries since the middle part of 2015. At present, IES is ranked No. 83 on Houston Business Journal’s Largest Houston-Based Companies because of its more than $695.9 million annual revenue.

If you have issues with your electric installations, your best option is electrician in Cannon Hill that has gained a reputation for unquestionable professionalism and quality service. He puts extra care to the project and ensures that work is done right the first time to save your time and money.


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Dynamics CRM Gains Real-Time Communication Software

The Salesforce Service Cloud, a CRM Consultant company, has had its SOS providing omnichannel support for their partners. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s agents, Live Assist has recently been made available, which will allow CRM agents to communicate with customers at real-time.

Live Assist for Dynamics CRM, is a CRM tool for Dynamics 365 agents, which allows them to communicate to customers in real-time via mobile and the internet, with options for chat, co-browsing, voice calls and video chats, which will allow these agents to tend to customers’ needs without having to move away from their service desk console. The software was announced sometime in October of 2016, and is the product of a tech partnership between Microsoft and CafeX Communications, which gives it CafeX Live Assist integration.

The software was only recently released and made publically available last March, and is available for a free 30-day trial across the globe. The software was initially released across North America and Europe, with Asia and other regions only having it available near the end of the same month.

Sajeel Hussain, CafeX’s CMO, has stated, that real-time communication is a major part of any company looking for customer engagement solutions, which has become table stakes for some companies, and a key aspect in any CRM operations: no CRM Consultant denies the usefulness of being able to communicate with customers real-time.

The technology used for Live Assist is, in fact, not a recent development, but, has been well-tested and positively received by the public in the past. Last 2014, it had already earned CafeX the year’s Best Enterprise Connect Award.

Microsoft worked alongside CafeX to ensure that the Dynamics CRM and Live Assist have tight integration, ensuring that both platforms remain in sync. Hussain gave an example in one of his statements, saying that, if an agent is added or deleted in Dynamics, the changes made there will automatically be registered in Live Assist. Both Live Assist and Dynamics CRM are located in the Azure Cloud, and instances of Live Assist can be distributed by IT departments to their agents on the fly with the use of Office 365.

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