Ugly Christmas Sweater: A Brief History


During the holiday season, the ugly Christmas sweater is undoubtedly an ever-present craze. These cheap and shabby garments coming from the wardrobe of your dear aunts and parents are re-appropriated for fashion’s sake. The usual signs of ugly Christmas sweater are the use of green and red colors, adorned with comic depictions of a snowman, with Christmas lights and trees.

The icon behind the sweater

The sweater as a clothing has been in existence in the United States since the 19th century. However, the hideous looking Christmas sweaters only began to take the market by storm in the last decades. Bill Cosby is deemed as the modern-day pioneer of this craze. He is often referred to as the ugly sweater icon. In the 80’s sitcom, he starred as Cliff Huxtable and his uniform on set was a wooly pullover with unconventional or ugly patterns and color mixing. People will remember Cosby as well as Chase as they allow the sweater to ride into stardom.

The trend in the past decade

If you look back, the ugly Christmas sweater trend has picked up its pace again. There was a notable pick up in the ugly sweater trend in the year 2001, ugly sweater parties were ubiquitous and the tradition since rebounded. This was according to the book: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On. Most vintage stores are benefiting much from this craze; however, the trend has also reached fashion shops and high-end stores like the Nordstrom.

Those who took part in the craze several decades ago are now back in action. Today, people of all ages are riding in the fever of the ugly sweaters. There has been a significant increase of ugly sweater themed parties. Guests both young and old are outsmarting each other with unique, cheap and gauche decorations. Even TV host Jimmy Falon has started to create a segment which he called “The 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters”.

The sweater’s popularity has sky-rocketed immensely in that there are runway designs that feature the sweater. Tribal prints as well as Fair Isle knits have become popular this season.

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Shoppers Fill Up Malls And Department Stores As Last Weekend Before Christmas Ends

Shoppers Fill Up Malls And Department Stores As Last Weekend Before Christmas Ends

US — December 20, 2014 — Shoppers are continuing to fill up malls on the last weekend before Christmas. With Christmas just a few days away, crowd buildups in many stores are increasing giving a chance for a hopeful finish to this holiday season.

Various stores all around New York, Chicago and other areas are continuing to flow with customers. The reasons for this are varied. Some say it’s because of the great deals while others owe it to the lower prices for gas pumps. Discounts and deals are longer and deeper this year.

A retired schoolteacher from Chicago had said that she usually only buys fun things on Christmas but because of the great deals and discounts that many stores are offering, she was able to buy a few extra things like t-shirts for her husband.

Analysts say that a lot of retailers are expecting an increase of shoppers and weekend sales. Some were even preparing for overflow parking spaces. Many people are willing to spend a little more this holiday season because of the lower gas prices and corporate profits.

The weather was good for most of the areas besides a little rain. The temperatures were cold enough in the East to boost sales of winter items and sweaters. This just goes to show how the weather affects the varying movement of sales.

Midday was the peak of the consumer buildup for most of the stalls. Consumers are quick to remark that the deals were very good. Some were even offering 50-70% discounts on many shirt brands and items. When compared to last year’s deals they immediately said that the deals this Christmas season far encompasses that of last year.

Other consumers who chose to have their Christmas shopping on the final weekend say that they are still getting great deals on various merchandise from many different stores. Some deals are very convincing and hard to pass up. Unplanned and unprecedented purchases are prevalent this year.

ShopperTrak, a group that surveys brick and mortar stores, have called it Super Saturday and predicted that it would surpass Black Friday as the busiest shopping day of the year.

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A New Lineup Of TV And Movie Costumes And Shirts Offered By TV Store Online

A New Lineup Of TV And Movie Costumes And Shirts Offered By TV Store Online

New product lineups are coming to you from TV Store Online. With the release of new critically successful blockbuster movies this 2014, TV Store Online has decided to treat their beloved customers and fans to a new lineup of creative movie costumes and shirts.

Fans of blockbuster films like Ironman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Trek will now get to enjoy t-shirts and costumes inspired by these films. Products such as I am Rocket Raccoon Costume and hoodie, Spock inspired hoodie, Ironman light up emblem hoodie will be served soon fresh on along with other creative and interesting TV and movie based costumes and shirts.

The company has been catering the needs of TV and movie enthusiasts providing them with great quality shirts, costumes, hoodies, pants and other merchandise that seem relevant to television and film. These memorabilia are both a way for fans to support and showcase their favorite movie or TV show.

If you are thinking of a place that offers creative costume ideas and for a party, or just want to give your fellow nerds a treat, then the site is the right place for you. This uncommon online retail shop has recently partnered with Spiderman News in giving away cool shirts of the web slinging anthropomorphic spider hero.

It continues to adapt to the ever changing styles and current trends to help their customers be updated. They have a long selection of products, ranging from shoes, accessories, clothes and different merchandise related to the different films and TV shows. TV Store Online is also a good place to go when looking for costume ideas for parties, gigs and events. They also cater to women’s needs providing an assortment of clothing and accessories for the female gender.

There is no age limit for their customers. Young or old, as long as you have a heart for films and TV shows, then they will cater to you. You can choose from many different categories for their products.

If you are interested in visiting their site, then just go to You will find all sorts of treats for you to enjoy.

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