How To Fill Out A Courier Quote

There are many ways to make your required services easier to obtain just as there are several ways to make the available technology work for you. Nowadays, courier companies have made their service delivery even more convenient. They have tools on their website which allow customers to fill out a courier quote to get an idea how much they are going to pay for the courier service. If you are not sure how to do it, here are the steps:

  • Visit the website of your preferred courier company.
  • Click the “Get a Quote” tab.
  • Fill out the form found therein. The good thing about getting cost estimates is that in some courier companies, they offer up to 50% savings on your shipping costs compared to going directly to their office to send a parcel.
  • The courier quote form is very simple and does not require personal information. You just have to fill in your country and location then the country and location of the parcel’s destination. You are also required to put in the parcel detail such as its length, width, weight and height.
  • The next step would be to select a courier of your choice. You will find different courier companies including their rates. You also have to select your preferred options such as the collection and delivery date, the type of courier service and other choices. You can get information about the type of services offered on the same page.
  • After that you will be directed to the next page wherein you will fill out the details of your address and the recipient.
  • The next step is the declaration of the contents and the insurance requirements. Then you would have to agree on the courier policies.
  • The next step would be the processing of the secure payment. After that, you will be directed to the last page of the courier quote, which is the completion stage.
  • As a side note, make sure that you accurately indicate the exact weight and declare the real contents of the parcel to avoid surcharge and even rejection of service if there is any illegal content on the parcel.
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Go Ahead Retailers, You Can Start Your Christmas Deals

While some people complain about the premature holiday push, there are actually shoppers who embrace the Christmas creep.


Two distinct surveys reported last week showed that there are in fact shoppers who already started purchasing gifts. Few even are done purchasing Christmas sweaters, black gift box, fancy gift boxes and toys. They have basically crossed out all the items in their Christmas list.


A survey done on Labor Day by revealed that approximately one out of seven Americans have now started purchasing for the festive season. The early birds equate to 32 million shoppers. Two percent of the early birds which accounts to 4.6 million shoppers are already finished with their Christmas gift list.


A separate survey by Rubicon project revealed more robust results. Thirty percent of buyers from Canada, U.K and U.S. have begun their holiday shopping by this time.


Matt Schulz, the chief analyst of one of the surveys remarked that we whine that stores place their holiday items earlier every year. But in fact millions of citizens begin with their Christmas shopping way before the stores start to have holiday displays.


The timing of holiday purchase tends to depend on different buyer groups. As observed by, parents are two times more inclined to have begun purchasing compared to those with no children. Gramps and grannies are way ahead than everyone else with their holiday shopping; seven percent from the 65 years old and above group are already done shopping. In contrast, only one percent from the 64 year old and below group is done.


The income of an individual also affects the timing of shopping. People with lesser income tend to start crossing out their lists earlier. Findings from the first survey showed that 19% of shoppers with $75,000 annual income believe to end their gift shopping before the Christmas month. Meanwhile, 30% of shoppers with $30,000 annual income expect to do the same.


Starting Christmas shopping as early as possible is a wise idea for someone on a budget, Schulz remarked. Layaway plans are availed easier if shopping is done ahead of time.


Rubicon’s survey was done online while did it over the phone.

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The Things You Should Know Before Starting A Web Design Business

Perth – September 5, 2015 – So you want to get into the world of Perth web? But before you do that, you should know that web design is not an easy business. There are things that would need to be considered in order for you to fully establish yourself as an effective freelancer and successful web designer. You should know that most of the time, it’s not all about the love for the work but more like a responsibility that you would have to keep up.

So before you go ahead and build a web design business, here are some interesting points that you should first ponder on.

  1. The first thing that you would need to know and determine what ‘freelancing’ means to you. If you think of it as a getaway or a vacation wherein you can just pop in whenever you want to, then this business is probably not for you. Take note that you can work from anywhere you want but that doesn’t mean you get to have fun all the time. You should remember that when you engage in freelancing, you would have to be consumed by it in the beginning. All you would need to care about is your work and although it may be stressful and frustrating, it’ll all pay off when you have fully established yourself.
  2. The second thing to remember is that not all sales have the same value even if they are priced the same. Just think about it. In the beginning, it is natural for you to be hungry for sales. When potential customers make contact with you, you would definitely give it your all to win his or her business. Unfortunately, you may have priced your sales all the same but you cannot say that in terms of value. How much time have you invested, or even wasted, in a single sale? If you spent too much time on a single customer, the value of the sale decreases. In contrast to that, when you make an easy sale, saving up much time as possible that is a highly valuable sale.
  3. The last thing for you to ponder on is how you don’t always get to do the thing that you love. Sure you may have entered this business because you just love to design websites. But in the long while, you will understand that you cannot do this on your own. You should accept the fact that you will need help.
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Ugly Christmas Sweater: A Brief History


During the holiday season, the ugly Christmas sweater is undoubtedly an ever-present craze. These cheap and shabby garments coming from the wardrobe of your dear aunts and parents are re-appropriated for fashion’s sake. The usual signs of ugly Christmas sweater are the use of green and red colors, adorned with comic depictions of a snowman, with Christmas lights and trees.

The icon behind the sweater

The sweater as a clothing has been in existence in the United States since the 19th century. However, the hideous looking Christmas sweaters only began to take the market by storm in the last decades. Bill Cosby is deemed as the modern-day pioneer of this craze. He is often referred to as the ugly sweater icon. In the 80’s sitcom, he starred as Cliff Huxtable and his uniform on set was a wooly pullover with unconventional or ugly patterns and color mixing. People will remember Cosby as well as Chase as they allow the sweater to ride into stardom.

The trend in the past decade

If you look back, the ugly Christmas sweater trend has picked up its pace again. There was a notable pick up in the ugly sweater trend in the year 2001, ugly sweater parties were ubiquitous and the tradition since rebounded. This was according to the book: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On. Most vintage stores are benefiting much from this craze; however, the trend has also reached fashion shops and high-end stores like the Nordstrom.

Those who took part in the craze several decades ago are now back in action. Today, people of all ages are riding in the fever of the ugly sweaters. There has been a significant increase of ugly sweater themed parties. Guests both young and old are outsmarting each other with unique, cheap and gauche decorations. Even TV host Jimmy Falon has started to create a segment which he called “The 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters”.

The sweater’s popularity has sky-rocketed immensely in that there are runway designs that feature the sweater. Tribal prints as well as Fair Isle knits have become popular this season.

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Growth Of Online Retail – An Opportunity For The Packaging Industry

Growth Of Online Retail

Ever since the advent of online retail, brand owners had to face the challenges of packaging their products to ensure both aesthetics and functionality. When the product is shipped to the buyer, it must be provided with sufficient protection through durable packaging but it should also provide the customer with a positive brand experience. According to US eCommerce Forecast from2013 to 2018 from Forester Research Inc. it is expected that online sales in the US alone will reach $294 billion which is approximately 9% of US total sales. This data presents a perfect opportunity for packaging companies like

The challenges faced by the packaging industry

How will an online retail store ensure that the product will reach the customer’s doorstep in good condition? StellaService which is headquartered in New York has outlined the results of a 12-month study on 125 online retailers to measure their quality of shipping and the returns experience. StellaService explains that it is important to use packaging that exactly fits the size of the product. Not only will this type of packaging leave a better impression, it can save on the costs of shipping and reduce the possibility of damaged products. Retailers proficiency with packaging is measured as poor and extremely wasteful or excellent and highly efficient. Most of the packaging materials used for shipping are corrugated boxes, polybags, padded envelopes and customized packaging.

Packaging ideas from luxury brands

When it comes to quality packaging, many luxury brands excel in delivering an experience that is far and beyond. One example is Brooks Brothers that uses 25 different sizes of boxes with one sized to contain three dress shirts which is the most frequent order. Ralph Lauren ensures that each purchase is personalized and delivers its orders in a sturdy pizza-box style shipper with the iconic company logo. These luxury brands understand that their customers are spending a substantial amount of money for their products and they have to be ensured that their business is highly appreciated. For online retailers who are shipping low-value items, they have to put their brands on the shipping boxes to extend their marketing as the box passes through the supply chain. Amazon puts its smile on the outside of its boxes.

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The Importance Of Technology In Online Retailing

black friday

Black Friday was phenomenal in the United Kingdom with online retailers having to deal with the sheer volume of clicks on their websites. However, online retailers still have to go through a lot of immense pressure with the coming holidays since UK shoppers are expected to spend an overwhelming £7.4 billion to £17.4 billion on online shopping. How will retailers cope up after the mad rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Technology will come to their rescue.

The importance of technology in online retail operations

The physical side of retailing must be optimized and orders have to be processed in two hours and not two days. Optimization of retailing is a challenge that has to be faced because customers have to be provided with a seamless shopping experience whether they do it online or in brick and mortar stores. Retailers need to know what to stock and one of their sources of information is social media. Mining social media will allow retailers to know what is trending and what products consumers are planning to buy for the holidays. Retailers need to come up with the best sources for fast distribution and delivery and instead of using the stocks coming from their own store, they can get it from an outsourced supplier to save on time. Orders must arrive as fast as possible at the most convenient time and place to ensure that customers are happy.

Technology options to ensure fast delivery

Today’s stiff competition among couriers is giving retailers a lot of choices when it comes to delivery. MetaPack which handles most of the delivery for online stores in the UK uses technology to work out the available options in every location for the goods that have been ordered. It decides on the carrier that will offer the best value to retailers and handles all the tracking data so that consumers will know exactly where their parcels are during its journey. Two-hour windows are now becoming commonplace because it is a better incentive for online shoppers. Their convenience is extremely important and accuracy in delivery must be ensured to keep customers loyal. Other technology-driven innovations are expected to provide consumers a better shopping experience for this holiday season.

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