Indian Tyre Industry As The Poster Boy For Make In India Programme

The Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) has commissioned a study on the feasibility of Indian manufacturers to export large amounts of tyres to the global market. It is also expected that the government will soon announce its decision on the anti-dumping case against China-made tyres.

According to officials, the central governments can use the Indian tyre industry as the poster boy for the Make in India programme particularly since four of the biggest global tyre makers are putting plants in the country. Arbitrage Research Institute was commissioned to study and made recommendations whether Indian tyre manufacturers can export tyres on a large scale.

According to ATMA chairman Satish Sharma, the government can help in a big way to realize large scale tyre exports to the global market. He told reporters that the automotive tyre industry earns nearly 15% of its annual turnover of about Rs50,000 crore from exports. Several foreign car manufacturers have exported their cars out of India to enable Indian tyre manufacturers to establish brand equity overseas.

Previously, foreign car makers fitted cars for the export market with imported foreign tyres. However, this trend has changed and India is now riding on the brand equity of foreign car manufacturers. Sharma further said that there are new players that are setting up plants in India. The existing plants are now in the process of expansion. Majority of the Indian tyre manufacturers are self sufficient when it concerns radial tyre technology.

Sharma also mentioned that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is expected to attract the attention of Chinese tyre importers into the organized sector. The price advantage that is being enjoyed by imported China-made tyres will no longer be there post-GST. Demonetization has wiped out the imported Chinese tyres and spurred the sales of tyres that were domestically manufactured.

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Business Tourism in York to target Conferences and Events

Attracting events to a city is now becoming an important component of tourism. New conference venues are being built in cities for international events. However, it is also important to train new conference managers to proactively target high profile business events.

In York, there is a new tourism drive that is being launched to attract conferences, business visitors and events to the city. Make It York campaign was planned to significantly enhance the value of business tourism. The campaign will focus on promoting the city as world-class destination for conferences, meetings and events.

VisitYork4Meetings, the business tourism brand has invested in a new enquiry system called Gratis. This is a global web-based booking system that will match venues with buyers to make bookings in York quicker and more efficient. On the other hand, Incentive England is a new marketing campaign that is being funded by Discover England Fund through a partnership with VisitEngland to attract London-based Destination Management Companies to hold their events in York.

Incentive Travel is a reward that will be given to corporate sales teams. York is in a good position right now to benefit from the lucrative market where companies spend an average of £800 per person per trip. Companies that are looking for high end luxury trips can opt for York that offers business visitors unparalleled experiences, attractions and highest quality accommodations and dining options that are ideal for the incentive travel sector.

VisitYork4Meetings has recently hosted a workshop that included 40 tourism-related companies all of which are interested to gain a slice of the incentive pie. Among the companies that attended include Grand Hotel, Principal York, Betty’s Café Tea Rooms and the Yorkshire Chauffeur Company. These companies can join up with other businesses to offer ready-made packages and maximize the benefits from the conferences and meetings that will be held in York.

When your business is holding an event, it is important to have conference managers who will be in charge of day-to-day management of finances, marketing, catering, public relations and other important elements of an event. They will ensure that all the services provided will meet the needs of the business and the event effectively.

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Self Storage Industry, Growing Generously In Asia

self storage
Self storage has become an important concept in modern living and the number of self storage Leeds facilities has increased greatly in the past years. Although self storage is more present in western countries like the US and the UK, lately it has also experienced a rapid growth in Asia.

Currently, the self storage industry is expanding rapidly in Asia as reported by a global real estate services firm, CBRE. There has been an increasing demand for storage space in Asia and this strong growth is being driven by many factors such as urbanization, changes in business activity but ultimately due to low usage per household as well as a growing middle class. This demand can be effectively seen in major Asian cities such as Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The recent Self Storage Expo Asia which was held in Tokyo is evidence that investors are now more interested in directing their businesses in this part of the world as well the entire self storage industry itself. The Self Storage Expo had successfully gathered two hundred participants.

Darren Benson, the executive director of industrial and logistics, brokerage services of CBRE, said that the numerous investments deals on self storage in the past couple years reflects the current growth in the industry.

The economic growth plays one of the largest parts in the growth of self storage industry. According to Enst & Young, the middle class of Asia will be numbering by the billions in the next 15 years.

Now what happens when they grow in number along with an increased prosperity? Well, it can be expected that they will buy more stuff, more items for their households. And if there are more household contents, the need for storage space also increases.

More items means that there will be a point wherein they would have to subject their household into a de-cluttering process and if people want their houses cleaned while not having to permanently dispose of valuables, the only solution is to either build a storage space in their homes or hire a self storage unit from storage facilities.

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