4 Top Reasons To Create Personalised Word Art

Nowadays when almost everything around you is commercialized and instant, you can remain sentimental and do things the traditional way while utilising the current technology. By creating a Personalised Word Art have it as a gift or home and office decoration, you merge and get the best of both worlds; the contemporary and the traditional.  Here are four reasonswhy creating a personalised word art is an excellent idea.

Unleash your creativity

Because you have the freedom to apply your ideas and put together all the colours, fonts and various elements that would create an astounding output, all in all, you unleash the creative side in you when you create word art. You can test how imaginative you are when it comes to blending colours such as for the background and of the wordings including how you can utilise the different options available in order to derive at an impressive piece of art.

Personalise your gift

Although you can readily buy a gift at your nearest shopping mall, you can make an occasion even more special by giving a gift with a personal touch as a Personalised Word Art that you chose and created. You can put the name of your target recipient or use your favourite line in a movie or poem which will surely delight the receiver.

Easy to create

Another reason why a personalised word art is an excellent choice is that you can easily create it without the hassles. All you have to do is look for a website that generates word art and you can have it printed right away. You can also opt to print the word art in canvas at the wort art generator website of your choice. Within minutes, you can create an artistic project that you can display on your wall.


One of the best reasons why Personalised Word Art is a wise choice for gifting and for personal use is due to the fact that you can have it at a reasonable price or at a less than a hundred dollar amount. The prices will vary depending on the size and design of your word art.

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3 Benefits Of Using Illustrated Maps

Illustrated Maps have been around since the dawn of time. Maps were created and utilized to provide detailed information on a particular area without the need for words. In lieu of wordy explanations, maps utilize symbols to guide the user to a particular spot. Nowadays, you can find different types of maps in the market or in your local library but one of the most preferred types are those with illustrations due to the following reasons.

Useful patterns

One of the benefits of illustrated maps is it has patterns that easily depicts roads, pavements, dirt roads,  highways and other guide that will make it easier for the user to find his way if ever he gets lost. To use maps accurately, it would be best to familiarize road patterns and other symbols that are generally used in Illustrated Maps. These symbols are indicated on the legend at the bottom or on the side of the map.

Understandable figures for landmarks

Because they have symbols and landmarks, illustrated maps are easier to use and understand. You can easily tell if you are looking at a school, cathedral, park, a train station, a community or residential area or a bridge or major waterway. With this, you can easily determine where you are and your exact location including the spot that you are trying to locate. A traditional map only indicates the name of thestreet or area but it does not indicate what you can find in the place.

Locate the area faster

With Illustrated Maps, there are more details on it so you can easily find areas or the spot that you are looking for. Once you are aware of your exact location, you can easily determine where your target location is and how you can get there easily. An illustrated map has road patterns so you can easily tell if you are on the right track or how to get back to the right direction in case you get lost. The good thing about illustrated maps is that they are less complicated and easy to use.

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Education Service In Thailand Plans To Branch Out In Cambodia


OnDemand Education, a private tutoring firm, is planning to build another branch but this time in Cambodia by 2017. This is to aid parents who are in the middle class in preparing their kids for their chance to enter a prestigious university.

The middle class families in Cambodia and growing and they are familiar with the native language of Thailand which is Thai as well as their culture. They have learned it through the television shows they watch. Parents now have the means to fund the studies of their children in other countries such as Thailand. This is according to a statement made by Sathorn Upanwan who is the chief executive.

He also added that the recent regulations in Cambodia have paved way for international schools as well as foreign tutoring services to build their institutions there.

OnDemand is now busy looking for business partners in order for them to branch out in Cambodia.

The Cambodian students will have a curriculum that will focus on two languages, the native Cambodian and English which will be taught with the help of the specially designed curriculum of OnDemand.

Mr. Sathorn expressed that parents have the same goals be it in Thailand or in Cambodia, especially those who are in the wealthier class and that is to see their children get the best education they can. It is an opportunity for the children to land a good job in the future. He added that OnDemand, as of the moment, is also carrying out a feasibility study regarding the probability of building another branch in Myanmar.

Thailand is now facing a major issue which is the decline of birth rate and more and more families prefer to have one child only, majority of the parents are looking for schools in the primary and secondary level that can offer English programs. This is now one of their top most priorities especially to those who can afford to send their kids to school.

As more and more kids are being sent to school, there are now more opportunities for those who wish to teach in Thailand especially the English language.


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Online Tutoring Through Skype For A Thousand Dollars An Hour


Bee Academic Tutoring offers online tutoring for all subjects and students can connect to their tutors through different platforms like Skype, Google, Hangouts, Go to Meeting or Facetime. Anthony Green who is a SAT and ACT tutor to the offsprings of some of the wealthiest in the country claims that all his sessions are conducted through Skype for a whopping fee of $1,000 per hour.

In a recent interview with Insider, Green said that no one should take the new SAT in 2016 because SAT returns to a 1600-point test. It has combined the current 800-point Reading and Writing sections back to the single 800-point verbal section that was used in the old exam. He is recommending to his students not to take the first three rounds of SAT in March, May and June 2016 so that they will not be used as guinea pigs for the College Board’s marketing campaign.

According to Green, the College Board is trying to claim that the new SAT is a “people’s exam” in a more democratic and user-friendly version that accurately reflects on the current American high school curriculum. This is exactly what they claimed in the last version that turned out to be a total catastrophe.

More students are now taking ACT instead of SAT because ACT is a reliable and predictable exam that is actually focused on academic merit rather than random logical reasoning and esoteric vocabulary words. Since the SAT is seen by many as a joke, the new version of SAT is regarded with suspicion that is why more and more students are opting for ACT.

The College Board is actually losing its share that is why there is the last-ditch effort to create a new version of SAT but it is basically a poorly disguised marketing gimmick. The College Board is trying to make SAT look like ACT from the test format to the material. It is also an attempt to make people forget that SAT is being used as a mechanism to gauge student’s income level. The test is based on scale and if everyone got 1600, there is no point to the test at all.

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