Business Tourism in York to target Conferences and Events

Attracting events to a city is now becoming an important component of tourism. New conference venues are being built in cities for international events. However, it is also important to train new conference managers to proactively target high profile business events.

In York, there is a new tourism drive that is being launched to attract conferences, business visitors and events to the city. Make It York campaign was planned to significantly enhance the value of business tourism. The campaign will focus on promoting the city as world-class destination for conferences, meetings and events.

VisitYork4Meetings, the business tourism brand has invested in a new enquiry system called Gratis. This is a global web-based booking system that will match venues with buyers to make bookings in York quicker and more efficient. On the other hand, Incentive England is a new marketing campaign that is being funded by Discover England Fund through a partnership with VisitEngland to attract London-based Destination Management Companies to hold their events in York.

Incentive Travel is a reward that will be given to corporate sales teams. York is in a good position right now to benefit from the lucrative market where companies spend an average of £800 per person per trip. Companies that are looking for high end luxury trips can opt for York that offers business visitors unparalleled experiences, attractions and highest quality accommodations and dining options that are ideal for the incentive travel sector.

VisitYork4Meetings has recently hosted a workshop that included 40 tourism-related companies all of which are interested to gain a slice of the incentive pie. Among the companies that attended include Grand Hotel, Principal York, Betty’s Café Tea Rooms and the Yorkshire Chauffeur Company. These companies can join up with other businesses to offer ready-made packages and maximize the benefits from the conferences and meetings that will be held in York.

When your business is holding an event, it is important to have conference managers who will be in charge of day-to-day management of finances, marketing, catering, public relations and other important elements of an event. They will ensure that all the services provided will meet the needs of the business and the event effectively.

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Tasmania To Say Goodbye To Stockpile Of Tyres Soon?

The residents of Northern Tasmania has shown their concern over the growing stockpile of tyres in their location. Anyone who saw this could easily come up with the conclusion that there is a dire need to look into ad postings of tyre shredder for sale. While it has taken such a long time for the government of Tasmania to come up with a viable solution, recent update shows that it is not yet too late. This Northern Midlands Council has already approved the construction of a tyre shredder facility in Longford.

Northern Midlands Mayor David Downie says that this was a major decision for them. He adds that they too have been concerned because their municipality has a history of fires. The said incidents involved stockpiles of tyres that were significantly smaller in number that what they currently have today. The mayor says that their main concern is the damage that the current one could create should this catch fire like the previous ones. They also feared that this could create a domino effect where other properties could also be destroyed. With the plant in place, Tasmania could expect to remove the stockpile by year 2020. The plant owners must have been really busy looking up for tyre shredder for sale.

Tim Chugg from Tyre Recycle Tasmania is very happy with the approval. He claims that the plant is the environmental solution that the impending problem needs, saying that they are already a step closer to developing a new industry within the confines of the state.

Mr. Chugg now has his eyes of getting approved for having a facility that can turn the recycled and shredded waste into usable commercial products. He is still in the process of finalising for the application of a processing facility that they plan to use as a grinder and shredder of tyres. They have their eyes of using the processed materials for playground surfaces and roads. Mr. Chugg says that the shredding facility will only start operations if they get approved for the processing facility. He says that one has to function with the other.

If all goes well, then Northern Tasmania can expect to see the stockpile of tyres go for good in just a few years.

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Minor Investing In New Phuket Projects

Despite the fact that there are many attractions and accommodations in Thailand such as the luxury resort and spa in Phuket, it does not stop Minor International Plc from investing in the province. The company is known for its specialty in food and hospitality as well as being listed in SET. They are currently planning to invest billions of baht in order to construct three luxury establishments. These are all located in Phuket and expected to be done by 2020.

The three projects include a shopping mall called Turtle Village, an extension of the apartment and pool villas by the Anantara Vacation Club and a super luxury accommodation called Avadina Hills Residences from Anantara.

The chief executive and the chairman of the group, William Heinecke, said that these new projects will help in strengthening the footprint of Minor when it comes to Phuket.

The Avadina Hills Residences by Anantara will be funded equally by two companies, Minor and Kajima Overseas Asia. The location will be set at the 99-rai plot that is next to the AnantaraLayan Phuket and Layan Residences also under the company.

The project will feature 16 luxury villas and will have a sales value of around 6 billion baht. It will be done in two phases. The first phase will cover 11 villas and is currently under construction. The company expects it to be done before the end of 2018. The second phase, on the other hand, will feature five villas which will begin construction after the first phase is completed. They are planning to finish the second phase by 2020.

Luxury apartment and pool villas will comprise the extension of the Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao. There is a 20 rai adjacent to the club and will be used for the project. This is expected to be finished in 201 and the additional value to the facility will be around 3 billion baht.

If you are staying in a luxury resort and spa in Phuket, you will soon be able to visit the Turtle Village shopping mall. It is expected to be done by 2019 and is located at the Mai Khao beach. There will be space for retail as well as office.

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3 Advantages Of Fantastic Wooden Trunk

Shopping for furniture whether for your bathroom or other areas of the house can be stressful and time-consuming. If you want to make the process speedy, determine what you want and what you need. For instance, if you are looking for trunks, you can look directly for a Fantastic Wooden Trunk, if that is what you fancy. Go directly to websites that offer such products. There are different types of wood that are used for making trunks but one of the most ideal furniture materials is oak wood. Here are some of the reasons why:

Elegant appeal

One of the positive qualities of oak furniture or trunks is that they look classy and elegant even without doing so much on the woodwork. It can also easily blend with other materials in your areas. You can place it alongside with glass or other furniture such as those with metal frame. This will give your place an adventurous appeal and even a hint of luxury on it. Another positive quality of an oak trunk is it improves over time instead of deteriorating. Over time, oak furniture becomes more rustic and aesthetically appealing.

Durable material

One of the reasons why oak is excellent to be made as Fantastic Wooden Trunkis that it is proven to be durable. It can sustain exposure to sunlight, moisture and even with extra weight. Because of these qualities, trunks made of oak become one of the most reliable furniture materials today. Oak furniture is carved out of a solid piece of wood. It is scratch resistant and cannot be stained easily.

Available and affordable

Oak furniture such as Fantastic Wooden Trunk are in demand in the market today. You can find wooden trunks made of oak in furniture shops and among online suppliers. With all the options you have, finding a good wooden trunk would not be so challenging. And because they are widely available, you can be sure to find promo items and good deals out of the product. Visit at least five online suppliers to get the product easier and at a lower price.

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Pune Station Showcase Airport Board Signs

The administration of the Pune railway in collaboration with the students and faculty members of the MIT Institute of Design has developed the latest signage board system that is based on scientific studies. The same signage boards can be seen displayed at the airport. The signage will aid passengers in directing them around the railway station in Pune because it is known to cover a large area. The board system will also help the passengers in keeping track with the schedule of the trains operating in the station. The boards will feature three different languages including Marathi, Hindi and English. It is expected that within this month the board system will have been installed already all over the station.

According to the DRM or division railway manager of Pune, BK Dadabhoy, these signage board system was created to offer a station that is passenger friendly. Through this new signage, every passenger will be able to easily locate where they are going. The same signage system can be seen at the airport which has served the passengers in a good way. He added that the project will cost about Rs 20 lakh to be completed and it will take one month in order for the entire board system to be installed all over Pune railway station.

The director of the institute, Professor Dhimant Panchal, is the one responsible for heading the said project. He said that the signage system was developed with the people as their focus since its main role is to assist the passengers. While designing the system, a number of scenarios were considered whether the person is a passenger, dropping someone off or waiting to pick up someone.

Panchal worked with a number of people for the project including RajendraThakre, assistant professor and two postgraduate students of the graphic design course, NilanjanChakrawarthy and AkhilKomath. The developers said that some of the signage boards will have a backlit while others such as those to be installed in the platforms will be normal ones. This new generation of signage boards is also commonly seen as office signs in Sydney along with the traditional wall decals people are still used to seeing.

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How To Fill Out A Courier Quote

There are many ways to make your required services easier to obtain just as there are several ways to make the available technology work for you. Nowadays, courier companies have made their service delivery even more convenient. They have tools on their website which allow customers to fill out a courier quote to get an idea how much they are going to pay for the courier service. If you are not sure how to do it, here are the steps:

  • Visit the website of your preferred courier company.
  • Click the “Get a Quote” tab.
  • Fill out the form found therein. The good thing about getting cost estimates is that in some courier companies, they offer up to 50% savings on your shipping costs compared to going directly to their office to send a parcel.
  • The courier quote form is very simple and does not require personal information. You just have to fill in your country and location then the country and location of the parcel’s destination. You are also required to put in the parcel detail such as its length, width, weight and height.
  • The next step would be to select a courier of your choice. You will find different courier companies including their rates. You also have to select your preferred options such as the collection and delivery date, the type of courier service and other choices. You can get information about the type of services offered on the same page.
  • After that you will be directed to the next page wherein you will fill out the details of your address and the recipient.
  • The next step is the declaration of the contents and the insurance requirements. Then you would have to agree on the courier policies.
  • The next step would be the processing of the secure payment. After that, you will be directed to the last page of the courier quote, which is the completion stage.
  • As a side note, make sure that you accurately indicate the exact weight and declare the real contents of the parcel to avoid surcharge and even rejection of service if there is any illegal content on the parcel.
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Importance Of Renovations To Attract Prospective Tenants

Because of the housing boom, competition among landlords has intensified. If you have an old rental, it is the ideal time to spruce it up in order to attract more tenants to your property. Tenants certainly prefer houses with modern features which mean that your old property may no longer look interesting enough to earn a second glance.

In most instances, properties that look good outside always get the most amounts of inquiries. Everyone certainly wants a clean environment that is why it is important to enhance curb appeal so that the exteriors can draw prospective tenants. However, if the exteriors will be improved, how will you ensure that prospective tenants will be not frustrated when they see the interiors?

What color scheme appeals best to tenants? Is bathroom remodeling a feasible pursuit that will not break the bank? It is important to consider the tenants and not your own personal tastes when decorating the property. Always make sure that you put yourself on the shoes of the tenants because they will be the ones who will be living in the house, not you.

Usually, modern improvements like installation of a solar water heating system can be expensive but it is an investment that is worth the cost because it means lower fuel bills for the tenants.

If you require bathroom fitting, it is important to ask the experts to survey the property before they provide a quote. According to Michael Juma, technical director of Extreme Renovators, renovations can be more expensive than building a new house. He suggests to make a shortlist of home renovation companies and to compare their quotes to gain the best deal.

Mr. Jumaalso suggests being cautious with tradesmen who bid for the project but do not reveal how they intend to do the renovation. Lack of plan is a sign that there might be surprises before the completion of the remodeling project.

To make sure that bathroom fitting will be provided for a reasonable price, call now and get a quote from CPH. Highly skilled tradesman will be too happy to advise you on the process they will undertake so that you will be guided accordingly.

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Premiere Doc Prep: What Is It?

When you need to travel abroad and you need to get a passport and a visa for yourself, you will need to submit certain documents. When you are in the United States and you want to avail services that can only be availed by Green Card holders, you will need to prepare documents. For starters, preparing and submitting documents can be a big quest especially if it’s the first time you will doing it for yourself. The problem is, if you don’t have anyone at all to ask assistance from, you really have to do everything from getting the needed forms, to filing of the forms, to submission of the forms and the paying of the corresponding fees. On a normal case, those processes usually eat up an entire day in one’s schedule. If you’re a frequently busy person at work, that’s a major problem. What if the processes take more than 2 days to complete? That’s even a bigger problem. Fortunately, there are alternatives. One of those alternatives is hiring a company such as Premiere Doc Prep.  Now, you’re probably scratching your head while asking yourself: “What kind of a company is Premiere Doc Prep and what does it do?”

First and foremost, Premiere Doc Prep excels in one thing: preparing documents for their clients. It was established to help their clients fully-understand every step of preparing documents and that every information encoded on the documents themselves are correct. Why? Let’s say you’re preparing documents on your own. There’s a tendency of you making unwanted mistakes in spellings and dates. This company has been known for its unmatched speed in terms of preparing and delivering documents with added flexibility due to the continuous change within the industry. Aside from preparing whatever documents that clients may need, they also have the ability to add branded documents to meet the needs of the clients without missing deadlines. To summarize everything, if you need documents to be prepared especially if you’re on a tight schedule with an equally tight budget to work on, leave the dirty work to the professionals. Hire a document preparation company.

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3 Advantages Of Hiring Forex Broker

Even if you consider yourself an expert when it comes to trading and foreign exchange, you might still feel the need to hire a forex broker at for various reasons. Forex trading requires good analyses and proper timing in order for you not to lose your investments. It also requires frequent monitoring to check on trends including the movements and developments of major countries as their engagements would inadvertently affect foreign exchange and trading as a whole. Trading can take up your time and for this and for the other mentioned reasons, it would be best for you to hire a forex broker to attend to your trading needs. Here are some additional advantages for hiring a trader:

Expert’s advice

The good thing about having a forex broker from is that you no longer have to analyze too much because you have experts who will provide inputs and help you come up with a sound decision.  Forex brokers are experts in the field and most of them have been in the business for years now so they have that keen ability to predict future trends and economic or currency movement. Make sure that you would be hiring a qualified forex broker in order to ensure that you will save your investment instead of losing them.

Save time

Another advantage of hiring a forex broker is that you no longer have to monitor your trading platform as often as you need to because you have professional brokers who will do the job for you. Take note that there are sudden opportunities that can pop up in the market at any given time and if you are on your day job, you might miss out on the opportunity of gaining profits.

Available customer service   

At some point in trading, you would need the assistance of brokers at and if in rare instances that they are not available, you still have individuals to call. Brokers usually have a hotline for traders to call if they have questions or they need assistance in navigating the online platform.

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Expo Dedicated For Carpet Weavers In India

Carpet Export Promotion Council will be holding its 33rd Edition of the India Carpet Expo which will take place in the Capital. The event will start in March 27 until 30, 2017. The expo will be held at the Pragati Maidan inside Hall numbers 11, 12 and 12A. The event is made possible by the support given by the government of India with hopes that it will aid in promoting the cultural heritage of the country as well as showcase the weaving skills of the locals who are making the Indian hand-made carpets. Aside from carpets, there are also other floor covering products available in the expo in order for carpet buyers from foreign countries to view and purchase.

During the India carpet expo, different networks can be created amongst visitors looking for business relationships that will span for long term such as between Indian carpet manufacturers, buying agents, architects, carpet buyers from foreign nations, guests who are planning to buy a house as well as exporters.

The event is considered to be one of the biggest carpet fairs for handmade products in all of Asia. The unique platform will present buyers that chance to purchase carpet, rugs and other covering products while shopping within one place. The expo has been known worldwide and is visited by many foreign guests hunting for handmade carpets. This comes as no surprise as the carpet weaving skills of the locals have been handed down from generation to generation thus creating the same quality of work.

The expo will start at March 27 at 10 in the morning. The program is to be led by the Minister of Textiles under the Government of India, Smriti Zubin Irani. The Indian Carpet Expo will be showcasing products from 305 different exhibitors. For the attendees, it is expected that about 410 carpet importers will be going. These importers are coming from 55 different countries all over the globe. Most of them are from the USA, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Turkey, Canada, U.K., Germany, South Africa, China, Mexico and Germany.

Buyers from Perth, Australia can then purchase from their local importers. These carpets are handmade thus should be cleaned carefully by professional carpet cleaning in Perth.

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Advantages Of Using 3D Signs In Sydney

When a prospective customer looks at your business establishment, the first thing that his eyes will search is your signage. This will help him determine that he is looking at the right establishment for his potential needs. Because of this, it is of utmost import to come up with an impressive signage to get an initial positive impression from your targets. The signage bears your business name including other relevant information that can encourage your targets to visit and try what you offer. One way to capture your target’s attention is by coming up with effective 3D signs in Sydney. 3D signs look trendy and modern and they are mostly utilized by business establishments. If you want your product to relevant and competitive in the market, use strategies that would attract customers. If your business exterior looks drab and dry, perhaps you should consider replacing your sign to get the following advantages.

Visually appealing

3D signs are naturally catchy to the eyes because they are designed to capture immediate but lasting attention from onlookers. 3D signs are purposely made to be big with bold letters to make them hard to ignore. Your potential customer won’t be aware of your business existence in the area if your signage remains 2D and can hardly be recognized from a distance.

High flexibility

3D signs in Sydney can be used with different materials. This way, they become highly customizable and in-demand in the world of graphics nowadays. 3D signs can be applied on glass, wood, plastic, stainless steel and even on acrylic.

Can be designed easily

Another advantage of 3D signs in Sydney is that they can be easily designed based on your preferences. You can choose 3D signs with neon lights or other designs that you deem fit to your business. There are 3D signs that exude elegance while there are designs that elicit lively impression from the viewers.    Consult a graphics designer or a company that offers high quality results for projects at a reasonable price. Call a graphic designer today to check how you can be assisted.

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How Cities Will Be Transformed By Economic And Business Trends

In the next 20 years, the global urban environment will change with cities at the centre stage of the environmental and social challenges. According to the 2016 estimates of McKinsey Global Institute, the world’s most economically powerful cities account for at least 75% of the global GDP. When cities change, everything is affected from lifestyles, businesses and the economy.

Right now, changes are very quick because of the growing number of people who prefer to stay in cities. According to figures from the United Nations, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities and it is expected that the numbers will continue to increase by 2050.

Cities will be shaped by economic and business trends as proven by the rise of New York and London due to the global finance industry. Every city in China like Beijing and Shanghai will be transformed by the nation’s improving economy. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has soared skyward as the region diversifies away from oil to services.

One of the most important influencers in urban centres is advancing technology which is expected to result into dramatic changes in the next two decades. In order to predict how urban centres will change, consider as example the small city of Singapore.

Singapore is the city of the future with its sustainable development and strict traffic management policies. The city has addressed major infrastructure challenges like housing. Singapore is very densely populated but it does not feel chaotic or oppressive. Singapore’s high rise buildings accommodate its workforce.

Landlords are taking notice and they are getting more creative with office fitouts to attract tenants and to create a more collaborative workspace. The number of start-ups in Singapore from 24,000 in 2005 to 42,000 in 2013 which requires a higher level of supply of office real estate in the market.

An outdated office environment can be easily transformed into an inspiring workplace through office fitouts in Canberra. Creating a new office design will be the priority but the kind of office environment required will also be considered. A team of professionals will ensure that office design, décor and furnishings will meet your satisfaction.

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Time To Reset Content Marketing Expectations

Mark Ritson, who is a marketing professor at Australia’s Melbourne Business School, published a column recently in the Marketing Week which has a title of “Is content marketing a load of bullocks?” Expectedly, it created a stir in the world of content marketing.

The arguments of Ritson

Ritson made a couple of arguments. He claimed that content marketing is not different from traditional marketing communications. And, he argued that a lot of content produced are ineffective.

He wrote that a study conducted by Beckon, a software firm, found out that even though content being marketed tripled during the past year, there was no growth in engagement, with only 5% generating 90% of customer engagement.

It is not surprising how many of the advocates of content marketing don’t agree with Ritson’s view. The content marketing supporters are going to acknowledge readily that sometimes content marketing efforts are not effective, but this is due to a lot of companies not doing it correctly, according to them. They claim that companies produce bad content or haphazardly create content with no solid content marketing strategies. Advocates argue that when content marketing is done correctly, it is effective.

Support for the two points of view

The latest research offers support for the two points of view.

The Beckon study that was cited by Ritson also echoed the findings of TrackMaven’s research, which also indicated that the volume of content is growing but the engagement is decreasing.

At the same time, the 2017 B2B content marketing survey conducted by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, which was published several weeks back, found out that doing the correct things in correct ways is going to create a huge impact on a content marketing success.

The reality is, the marketing leaders can do much to improve odds of attaining success in content marketing.

Summing up

The competitive forces are stronger today compared to a year back, which means that attaining content marketing success is going to be more challenging. This is why it helps to ask for help from a content marketing consultant in order to efficiently apply the content marketing efforts.


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What To Expect From An Audit Insurance Company

At any given time, you will receive a notification from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that you will be subjected to a tax audit. Tax audits are usually random and at times, subjects are chosen based on the probability that the tax documents you submitted may have some misrepresentation.  Tax audits are conducted to ensure that your tax statements are reliable and accurate. During the process, a considerable amount of professional fees would be incurred and since the burden of fees rests on the person being subjected to audit, you would be compelled to pay the amount, no matter what. This is the reason why business entities and individual tax payers obtain tax audit insurance to protect them from surprise fees and sizable amount incurred during the tax audit.

Tax audit insurance is a service offered by insurance companies to accountants and their clients as a financial protection in the event that the business firm or individual would be subjected to random tax audit by relevant government agencies.

Tax audit insurance is not a mandatory service but an offer by tax insurance companies to help companies and individuals ease the burden of paying huge amount especially when they are not ready with the money.

A tax audit insurance company will assist their clients all throughout financial enquiries, review, investigations and audits conducted by ATO in relation to tax compliance and lodged tax statement. The insurance company would also provide assistance to their clients even when the query is conducted over the phone. In other words, clients would have somebody to assist them thru the process, thereby giving the clients the peace of mind that they are financially safe while being subjected to random audit.

Tax audit insurance can be opted in by accountants and non-accountants. For accountants, they just need to fill out a form for them to be contacted by representatives from tax audit insurance company. For non-accountants, they can inform their accountant to get in touch with the insurance company so for the latter to directly get in touch with the accountant.

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Business Insurance Risks Including The Ways To Alleviate Them

All businesses come with a level of risk. Even though challenges and pitfalls are not avoidable, these can be alleviated using the right planning, precautions and insurance protection.

Business News Daily talked to several legal and insurance specialists regarding the biggest insurance risks faced by business owners, as well as some recommended ways for business owners to protect themselves.

Data breaches

Businesses in every industry are facing greater cybersecurity problems in the past years. According to Chris Roach from the CBIZ Risk & Advisory Services, data hacks affect e-commerce businesses and fast food retailers really hard. He added that all businesses that accept credit card payments must re-evaluate and standardize their security to protect them from fraudulent activities.

For those with brick-and-mortar stores, the more important thing to do is to make sure that the credit card technology is able to meet the EMV standards, according to Roach. Aside from this, all businesses must review their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance.

As stated by Myles Gibbons from Travelers, cyberinsurance should be considered by small businesses especially since more than 50% of the data breaches from last year affected companies having 250 or lesser employees.

Property damages

Any form of calamity or event, such as fires, floods, snowstorms and hurricanes, can seriously affect a business’ ability to do operations normally.

According to Scott Humphrey from Travelers, only 50% of the small business owners possess a written plan for business continuity.

Insurance coverage is the first line of defence from the critical effects of property damage or theft. Gibbons mentioned that businesses should ask themselves if they hold enough coverage, in order to rebuild after a complete loss. They should ensure that the building and everything in it are insured.

Professional service errors and mistakes

The services providers, such as consultants, web developers and accountants, face that continual risk of their customers considering legal recourse when their “product” is not able to meet their expectations.

Kevin Kerridge from Hiscox, mentioned that a lot of small business owners must overcome their mindset about their work being so good that none of their clients will likely sue them.

Kerridge suggested that business owners should consider a professional liability insurance.

For Kerridge, this coverage is going to protect businesses in cases when they get lawsuits that alleged them committing errors and mistakes, and this also covers the defence costs, as well as resultant damages, to a set limit. He added that they usually see various claims regarding this, with tax preparers or accountants making mistakes on their client’s tax returns, as an example. This is why these accountants secure an accountant liability insurance.

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How to Enrol Windows 8.1 Training Course

Of all the training courses for operating systems nowadays, Windows 8.1 training is perhaps the most relevant training course that you should enrol to. For one, it is among the most recent operating systems released by Microsoft and while some people are already using the latest OS, more and more Microsoft users still opt for Windows 8 and 8.1 versions because of its elegance and its user-friendliness. If you are interested to enrol in an online training course for Windows 8.1, read on for some enrolment ideas.

Learn more about the course

Before you get into the training, learn more about the course by searching windows 8.1 on the internet. You can also search the websites of those who offer short courses on Windows 8.1. Find out if they have available course guide and if they have, find out if you can download it for free. Download the course guide to help you decide whether to enrol in Windows 8.1 training or not. Take note that enrolling in such a training course means spending a good amount of money so you need to be sure that you really need the course and you are interested with it. Otherwise, you just might be wasting your financial resources.

Compare enrolment fees

Before you finally register in the training course, visit other websites to compare fee and to find out which of the online training schools offer the best inclusions in their training program. You might also want to get a background on the instructors including their credentials and the courses they went through in order to gain their expertise on operating systems and Microsoft in general.


If you are already equipped with the right information and if you are satisfied with the information you gathered regarding the instructor, you can then proceed to enrolling in the Windows 8.1 training program. Make sure that the schedule is amenable to your availability so the course would not get in the way of your daily activities. Register in an online training school which is trusted by numerous online community and learners.

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What Rules And Regulations Can Business Expect Under The Trump Administration?

One of the campaign promises of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign is to get rid of red tape that has been strangling small businesses. Now that Trump has been elected as US President, will he follow the promise of a pro-business populist platform?

In his speech at the New York Economic Council, Trump said that over-regulation is costing the US economy $2 trillion every year which results into a reduction of household wealth by $15,000. The study made by SBA Office of Advocacy in 2010 released the same conclusions that US regulations are costly and cumbersome.

Some businesses respect that the government want to protect consumers. They consider the regulations as minimal annoyance that is not overly intrusive. Some of the regulations are issued through Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other state-level or city-level agencies.

In practice, the regulations are frustrating and non-productive; however, they are intended to protect businesses and the health and safety of consumers. Taxes and regulations are onerous burdens while compliance with healthcare regulations can be quite difficult. Small businesses find it hard to navigate the different kinds and levels of regulations. Keeping track of all the regulations can be tricky and hurts the ability to compete in the global market.

Startups have certain hurdles to overcome. For example, selling alcohol has to be licensed in virtually every state of the US independently from others. Regulations make it difficult to ship a bottle to a consumer in Denver or sell to a liquor shop in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Businesses must devote time to track changes in regulations. Sometimes, small business owners learn that there is new regulation when they are fined for violating it. There is no fraud or deception involved but simple ignorance of the law which is not an acceptable excuse.

One of the challenges that a business has to face is global competition. Since business processes constantly evolve, it is important for a business to understand how to implement workflow technology to solve their challenges. Workflow technology can improve the way that business processes are captured, reengineered, optimized and automated.

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Truck Driver Shortage In 2016 – Truck Drivers Needed To Help Economic Growth

There is a large demand for jobs for truck driving to eradicate the shortage. First of all, the shortage of truck drivers is a big threat to logistics, which will bring the economy to a standstill. The shortage did not just emerge this year, as this has been an ongoing problem that remains unresolved over the past few years. There is a continuous and compounding shortage of thirty thousand drivers annually and from now on, there is a need to hire additional one eighty-nine thousand truck drivers annually to eradicate the shortage.

High Turnover Rate

Jobs for truck driving may be in demand because fewer people are answering the pool and there are many causes. For one, there is currently an all-time high in the turnover rate. This is because the annual demand is never met and continuously grow, add to the fact that every year, there is a constant number of long-term drivers that need to retire. Another reason is that the job is very rigorous that the rate of drivers that quits before retirement age is very high.

Regulations on Hours in Service

There are existing stringent regulations governing the number of hours a truck driver has to drive while on duty, one of them is not to exceed 11 hours of driving without taking a mandatory 8-hour break. Because safety is paramount and the driver must have complete attention on the task at hand and on the road, this just sounds fair, however, truck drivers are paid by the mile they cover and not by the hour. This limits the driver’s’ income and may have contributed as to why commercial truck drivers search for better opportunities in other industries.

Speed Limits

Because of existing regulations on hours of driving and the drivers are paid by the mile and not by the hour, truck drivers are forced to drive faster in order to be able to bring more to the table. But another regulation exists that hinders them in trying to make ends meet. Speed limits are in place especially for commercial drivers primarily to avoid accidents. The objective of the regulation is fair, however, it causes the drivers to cover lesser miles in a day and therefore, lesser pay.


Shortage in the truck driving pool is worrisome and the industry needs to address this by increasing benefits and incorporating the use of technology to reduce drivers’ workload. With this, truck driver retention will hopefully increase to eradicate the shortage.

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THAI Launched First Frankfurt-Phuket Flights

The THAI Airways’ first international direct flight coming from Frankfurt, Germany touched down at the Phuket International Airport last November 17 at 1:39pm, with passengers on board that received a jubilant welcome reception which was led by Yuthasak Supasorn, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Governor.

The “fam trip” by TAT

The passengers on board flight TG926 were twenty travel agents, tour operator representatives and seven members from the media that took part in a familiarization trip arranged by the TAT.

The “fam trip,” which happened from November 17 – 23, gave the tour operators and journalists a taste of Phuket and its surrounding areas.

According to TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn, the new TG route showed the popularity of Phuket island as a holiday destination especially for long-haul visitors and confirmed the European travelers’ confidence in Thailand is excellent.

He also mentioned that this fam trip, which also supported the ‘Discover Amazing Stories in Amazing Thailand’ campaign, was aimed at showcasing several Thai activities enjoyed in the island, as well as the Thais’ welcoming hospitality.

The visitors went to Khao Lak located in Phang Nga and explored Takua Pa, having Chinese businesses and markets.

The fam trip also provided a chance for the visitors to witness Tha Din Daeng’s community based tourism and learn how local fishermen in the area live and work.

There was also a trip to Thai Muang’s Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center, where turtles were released to the sea.

The fam trip also took the visitors to 4 islands located in Krabi using longtail boats and had them experience Ko Yao’s community based tourism by going to rice and coconut farms, learning rubber tapping and seeing local craft displays, according to a TAT release.


This is definitely good news for all the business operators around Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak, whether they are the resort operators or diving tour operators like those Similan island liveaboard companies. Last year alone, there were 760,604 German visitors in Thailand, a 6.24% increase that generated 47 billion baht in tourism revenue. More visitors mean more revenue for these businesses.

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Mecon Recommends Imposition Of Minimum Import Price On Imported Aluminium


Mecon Limited, a state-run engineering consultant has recommended the imposition of safeguard import duty or minimum import price (MIP) on primary aluminium products. Mecon was appointed to recommend the import duty and submit the recommendation to the Aluminium Association of India that is composed of domestic aluminium manufacturers in the likes of Vedanta Ltd, Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd and Hindalco Industries Ltd.

The Aluminium Association of India has forwarded its recommendation to the Ministry of Mines to impose MIP at 15% of London Metal Exchange (LME) price on primary aluminium imports. Furthermore, the Ministry of Mines has also asked the association to forward their recommendations on secondary aluminium products so that they can be examined and provided to the finance ministry in one go.

After the commerce ministry rejected the imposition of MIP on aluminium because it is not in accordance with trade rules, Mecon was hired by the domestic industry to forward its recommendation. India’s aluminium industry is pushing for a minimum 15% safeguard duty on all imported aluminium products including those coming from China and West Asia.

China which is the world’s largest producer and consumer of different types of metal like aluminium is dumping its aluminium products in the country even if the demand is rather weak. According to the industry body’s representation to the government, primary aluminium producers have incurred huge losses of Rs 4,205 crore in 2015 to 2016. This is substantially higher than the Rs 1,480 crore losses for 2014 to 2015.

The government in the Union Budget has increased duties on imported aluminium by 2% to 7.5% but according to local aluminium manufacturers, this was offset by the simultaneous doubling on green cess on coal. An increase in the price of coal could lead to a rise in power prices constituting 40% of the cost of producing aluminium.

Aluminium is resistant to humidity and sunlight that is why it is the perfect choice for windows and doors in Thailand. An aluminium profile can also be used as connectors, fasteners and feet. It also widely used to build machine supports and safety enclosures because of its strength and resistance to degradation.

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